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How To Add Gadgets To Mobile View On Blogger

Are you a blogger? Are you finding it difficult to add gadgets to your mobile view? It’s easy and simple to put that through, especially using this tutorial or article.

In a default template on blogger, the only gadgets that appears are; Header, Blog, Profile, PageList, AdSense and Attribution. When using using Custom template, you will have the ability to add more gadgets from your PC view to your mobile view template and this can be done by setting your template on “Custom” via the template section.

Now, after setting your template to custom, you should follow this tutorial to enable you add more gadgets to your mobile view from PC section. Let’s go.

How To Add Gadagets To Mobile View On Blogger

  • Firstly, log in your blogger dashboard.
  • Go to “Layout” and add any gadget of your choice on any section (it will only appear on PC view).

  • Now, to make it appear on mobile view, just go to “THEME” and tap on “EDIT HTML“.

  • Search for the gadget title e.g FEATURED POST by pressing on CTRL F or if you are using a mobile phone, you can just tap on “JUMP TO WIDGET” and finally, tap on the Widget ID and you will be moved to the widget code.

The code is like this;


  • Then, add mobile=”yes” and your new code should look like this;

<b:widget id=’HTML31′ locked=’false’ mobile=”yes” title=” type=’HTML’>….

  • Now, tap on SAVE THEME.

You can view your template mobile version and see the difference. Meanwhile, you can also use mobile=”only” for the gadget to view only on mobile view without viewing on PC view.

Is it helpful? Do you encounter any issues or problems while trying to add Widget to your blogger mobile version, you can ask questions and if it works for you, kindly share your experience!


  1. Ebenco Real Ebenco Real May 26, 2017

    nice update for the bloggers Nc one from the free mind prexB!!

  2. kolawole tobi kolawole tobi May 26, 2017

    mr prex how do i add contact us not about us like yours

  3. Yea…that's a long tutorial oo…I think, i should make the post because you can't understand it in this comment box…and the comment box might accept the code if I had to paste it here.

  4. Benito Benito May 27, 2017

    Please, I want to edit the mobile width of my blogger site, because if I place AdSense 336×280 inside post, it doesn't show fully on mobile screen. So I want to edit the mobile inside post body width to match the ad size. Please tell me which code to edit to achieve this in my template, thanks.

  5. Rexley ADIO Rexley ADIO May 27, 2017

    You know ,what ? Can someone upload file to blogger ?

  6. Please use automatic adsense code because you can't edit the mobile width or else you have to to use another template.

  7. Saheed Soneye Saheed Soneye May 29, 2017

    Okay. I have two questions.
    1.Can adsense approve a domain blog?
    2 . I submitted my blog for index on May 27 and Google is yet to index it, hope no problem? There are no noindex or nofollow codes and my robot.txt is correct(saw it on your blog). What should I do?
    3. I posted an article on and it was moved to front page, when I searched it on google, I saw that many people have copied in on their blogs though they indicated my site name as the source. Hope it won't affect my adsense approval when I apply?

    Thanks, I'll be expecting response soon

  8. 1. Adsense no more accept blogspot domain…buy custom domain name…
    2. Keep posting and within a month it will get crawled and indexed…Google is not fast in indexing a new blog…keep creating backlinks..
    3. It won't affect your blog but is not good copying your own blog article on other places…. Try to rewrite it before posting in other forums…

  9. meeky bash meeky bash June 23, 2017

    Well, i tink i too will create my own website

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