How To Add Sharing Buttons To Your Blog Using AddThis

Are you a blogger and has not add sharing buttons to your blog? how then, do you want to publicize or showcase your blog to the whole world or universe? Sharing buttons really helps users to promote your blog or topics which is as a result of traffic driving. Bloggers most pursued goal, is traffic and that has to be pushed from any corner or area especially by sharing your articles and contributing in other peoples blog, related to your niche.

Sharing buttons helps in promotion of blog or website and is another means by which a blogger can easily share his or her articles to the world, same with the users or visitors of the blog. Now, there are many different types of sharing buttons with various designs and styles but keeping the sharing buttons in a more visible area will give you the chance to drive more quality traffics. So, lets go on activating.

How To Activate Sharing Buttons On AddThis

  • Firstly, go to and register an account with them and login.
  • After successful login, just click on ‘Dashboard‘ at the upper right side.
  • A new page would be opened, click on ‘Tools‘ and scroll down to click on ‘Add New Tools‘.

  • In this page, you can now select the type of tools that will suitable for your blog e.g Share buttons, follow buttons, related buttons, link building, link promotion and website tip jar

  • Click on ‘Sharing buttons‘ and customize it the way you like or to your taste and click on ‘Save And Continue‘.

  • Now, click on ‘Get The Tool‘ and two codes will be generated for you to place in your blog.
  • Choose HTML which is for blogger and copy the first code, which is like this below;


  • Paste this code above in your template above and save.
  • Take a look at your blog and feel the changes and the glowing sharing buttons.

There are many things the sharing buttons performs in a blog and they are one of the most important features a blog has to possessed in order to be standard. In fact, they are necessary and mandatory.

These are the benefits of sharing buttons;

1. Makes it easy for visitors to share your content online.
2. Grow your social audience, one follow at a time.
3. Makes your blog or website look more standard and professional.
4.  Drives more traffics.

These are also the most important things a blogger should not lack when adding features to his or her blog.

Is it helpful? Do you encounter any problems or issues while trying to set this up, kindly ask more questions and if it works for you, kindly ask more questions. 

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  1. Reply

    Thanks for this amazing tutorial , but the addthis share button doesn't work underneath my post , it doesn't display ,only the sidebars share button that shows on desktop only , checkout on

  2. Reply

    for the blogger thanks for the update

  3. Reply

    nicely composed and understandable. I want to own a blog like and more better than prexblog. I know you have shared an article on how to do it, but I'm still having issues with it. I can't be dropping them here otherwise it would be referred to as scamming, right? if only you reply to emails

  4. Reply

    Useful article for the bloggers nice concept

  5. Reply

    NYC article for bloggers,hope its useful for me in d future bcux am not a blogger yet

  6. Use it on mobile version not use floating sharing buttons… Use Normal one in order to work on any area you placed it.

  7. Reply

    Good Update for the bloggers in the building….wish i own a blog but time talk

  8. Reply

    It makes it very simple. I'll recommend all bloggers using WordPress to install the plugin

    • Lekan
    • June 14, 2017

    I ones used it when I was blogging.. Its very good… U can share ur post to anywhere using SHARE THIS

  9. Reply

    Nice update for bloggers

  10. Reply

    This is for bloggers but i will soon join.

  11. Reply

    Hello Prexblog official, please I am confused and need your help. I recently purchased a TLD(.com) domain. Immediately after purchase, it was working perfectly but the second day, I tried to view it but it's not going through, it is showing “This domain was purchased recently at Namecheap, check back later…..”

  12. Where do you buy or purchase the domain? is it from same namecheap?

  13. Reply

    Yes it is, I have discovered why. Once I change my template or edit it, it will happen but after about 30minutes,it will start working. But I am facing a new problem now which is how to automatically redirect my domain to my dotcom domain. If users visit my domain, it will tell them that it has been moved to domain and they should click Okay before they are redirected.

    But I want it to be redirected automatically without asking them

  14. Reply

    It's working and not working. It will work for some hours, later it will bring what I mentioned in the first comment above, I'm fed up.

  15. You know what, post the code you are using over here for editing.

  16. Reply

    Which code?

  17. Use this tutorial HERE to resolve that…..

  18. Reply

    Good Update for the the nigeria bloggers in the building….well done brother!

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