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How To Apply For UK And USA Adsense In Nigeria For Faster Approval

Having an approved Adsense is what every blogger need? No blogger is ready to waste his or her time on the internet without having anything to show for it. It’s so frustrating when Adsense disapproves your applications, just because of quality contents and some other related policies. When looking at others blogs that are running adsense, its very painful and often times, leads to quitting.

Wow! The solution is at your doorstep, with the help of this article, you will be able to get Adsense approval within some weeks and goodbye to Adsense disapproval.

The trick here is that you will apply for USA or UK Adsense account because their Adsense approval rules and policies are not strict like that of Nigeria but you will only need a little set up to get your adsense approved without delay.


1. Make sure you are 18years and above.
2. Write 5 or 6 quality articles without copy and paste.
3. Add privacy & policy, terms and conditions, about us, disclaimer and other copyright links.
4. Make sure your template is good and well customized especially the navigation system.
5. Make sure you have up to 1000 pageviews per day.
6. That’s all.

How To Register USA And UK Adsense In Nigeria

  • In the next page, insert your website URL and select content language which is to be English.
  • Then, under Country/territory: Select UNITED STATES or UNITED KINGDOM and enter your address.
  • Finally, tap on SUBMIT APPLICATION.

How To Apply For UK And USA Adsense

STEP 1: Thats the way to register a UK And USA Adsense Account. Now, paste the generated verification HTML code in your website and your account will finally be opened.
STEP 2: Now, wait for the first approval and finally, wait for second approval and create an Ad unit to run adsense on your website.

Is it helpful? Drop your testimonies if it works for you.


  1. NYC one….tnx 4 d update

  2. Pls drop a tutorial on how to make money in Nigeria online

  3. nice update…but is it free(on cost to create one)

  4. Nice tutorial Prex. Good for bloggers.

  5. Nice update Prex. You can also see best way to verify USA, Uk, Nigeria and USA tax I'd that's more faster than shoptomydoor Check it out by clicking here

  6. Dear, i did all the things and apply for the approval but unfortunatly till now that was not approved.
    What should i do now.

  7. Thanks
    am using a phone
    how can I place the verification code on my template

  8. Thanks for the info, its useful

  9. Drop it in the middle of the Paste here

    You will see it at the top of the HTML codes.

  10. this is very good post

  11. Pls how to sub for glo a day

  12. Pls how to sub for glo a day

  13. For daily data plans

    30MB @ ₦50 For 1 day by dialing *127*14#
    100MB @ ₦100 For 1 day by dialing *127*51#
    200MB @ ₦200 For 3 days by dialing *127*56#

  14. nice update. what's the need of the 1st step?

  15. Ok. Will be dropped soon.

  16. i can get adsense approved for any blog…..i just got one for a blog with. tk domain…..
    Goodiestechs Blog

  17. This is for the bloggerz in d building

  18. share is you have any other steps that can be of use

  19. Nice update for blogers, keep it up.

  20. nice one but have tried that it still did not wor, with uk. i dont know why. you can take a look at my blog here and tell me what you think!

  21. Thanks for the update. HELP me review my blog, do you think I can get adsense approval with it. If not, what should I modify on it?

  22. Is good for an approval, kindly write unique articles and reapply.

  23. Thanks for this tutorial. It is really helpful for bloggers. Keep it up

    Get quick AdSense approval Here

  24. Can you also help someone get an AdSense account??

  25. This comment has been removed by the author.

  26. Follow the procedure above sir…you will surely get approved.

  27. Anonymous

    Thanks for the post. I just got Adsense approval using your tips. happy new year

  28. Like how many week will it take to get Nigeria AdSense approval

  29. can i look someone post and rewrite it on my blog to make 6 post

  30. Yea. You should write it with your idea but you can look.

  31. but can i write someone post and join it with my idea

  32. Yes but change all the keywords entirely.


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    ***Do u wish to buy google adsense ?
    #What are you waiting For Then
    #contact me

  35. Anonymous

    Can another email be used other Dan d first one dat was used 2 open d blog

  36. You will make the other email an admin

  37. Getting Adsense is one problem, earning with it is another problem.

    I will appreciate if you write a post on adsense placement to earn more.

    Thank you.

  38. can i apply for naija adsense and google adsense at the same time and with same email??

  39. Place the code at the top, bottom and in the article.

    Place LINK AD and match content

  40. They are same. Naija means Nigeria.

    Is the country… So, Google AdSense and Naija AdSense are same.

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