How to browse with speed on Glo network using new APN settings

Glo offers the cheapest data plans among other networks in Nigeria and has been known as the “Grandmaster of Data Plans” but their only problem is the frequent network glitches users do experience while browsing on their network.

After an intense research and study about their network, I was able to come up with a solid solution that will instantly fix the issue within a twinkle of an eye. And you will be able to browse with cool speed on Glo network, just as if you are browsing on 9mobile and MTN.

How to Fix Glo Frequent Network Glitches

  • Go to your phone “Settings“, scroll down to “Mobile Network” and tap on “Access Point Names“.

  • In the APNs list, tap on “Glo Flat” and scroll down and tap on “Bearer (Unspecified)” option.

  • Then, mark or tick these list of networks (LTE, HSPAP, HSPA, HSUPA, HSD PA). Note: If your phone does not support 4G, do not tick “LTE”.

  • Voila! You’re done, go back and start browsing happily on your Glo line.

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  1. I really appreciate your efforts for dropping this tips of course.. I thought it’s only me encountering the problem.. Let me give it a try..

  2. @admin pls what if in a situation that the glo 3G isn’t strong in my area, and I usually use the 2G, can I leave it like the way you did yours? Or i should thick on that EDGE & GPRS?
    Hoping for your favorable response please.

  3. @admin I really appreciate this post because it will be very useful and helpful to me on my device,how I wish glo cheat is still working I would have configure it this way.

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