How to Buy Data Bundle from your Access Bank Account without Internet

If you’ve been looking for a way to actually buy data from your Access bank account without having to use the internet then you are in the right place. Right on this post I’d be sharing with you how to do it easily and fast but before then

Why Should you even buy Data when you can Actually buy recharge Card?

Let me share with you why I decided to put up this post on prexblog and why you should buy data from your Access Bank Account. There was a day I had a big problem with my Airtel Network

  • Couldn’t browse the Internet.
  • Borrowed more than N700 worth of airtime credit from my MTN Line.

So I can’t buy MTN recharge card to subscribe my monthly plan because for sure they will deduct it leaving me with no hope for internet that day. So What did I do? The only Option here was to actually subscribe straight from my bank without letting the airtime land on my MTN sim. [Lol] Here is how I did it. I had an Account with Access Bank. Believe me I won’t be talking about needing an internet service to do this. It’s just the way you recharge airtime dialing some USSD Codes. Ok enough of the explanation, let’s dive in.

How to Buy Data from Access Bank Account without Internet

  What do you need to do this successfully?

  • First you’re gonna make sure you have an active account with access bank
  • The sim you used in registering the Account is available right with you over there

We are going to dial some USSD Codes [very simple] Access Bank allows customers to buy airtime, transfer funds to family and friends using their magical code *901# But hey: Only a few know they can actually purchase data from their access bank account using this too. Disclaimer: I love telling stories a lot when writing my articles; this is because I want anyone reading to fully understand from A-Z. I won’t waste your time anymore. All you need do is to pick up your mobile phone whether Android, Nokia Touch, Motorolla, etc.

1. Dial *901# and click and you’d be displayed with the access bank menu. Input 8 and click NEXT.

2. From the next menu, click on Data.Many people don’t arrive on this page that’s why there are only few that know about buying data from their access bank accounts.

3. Finally you need to select which of the bundle. There are currently monthly 1.5gb for N1000 or 3.5gb for N2000. Select the one that suits you by putting the number as seen below and click next.

4. Finally in the next menu you need to select yes if you are buying it for yoruself. But if you are buying it for another simply select 2 and put the person’s number. Enter your Pin and Holla! You just bought data from your access bank account

  • Without internet
  • and Straight to SIM

This is how simple it is to buy data from your access bank account. Enjoyed the Post? Share it with friends and leave your comments.

Author Bio: Prosper Noah is a Contributor on Network Guide Nigeria. A blog about Network Solutions, Data Plans, Tech Reviews and more. Follow NGN on twitter.


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    The expert advised that to prevent liver disease it was important for individuals to always undergo routine medical check-up for early detection and treatment.

    He advised against taking drugs without prescription, stating that Over-The-Counter (OTC) drugs could be dangerous to the overall health and well being of an individual.

    “If you feel unwell, go to a certified medical centre and run a diagnostic test to determine what the problem is.

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    Please my dear readers always ensure to take your medication as prescribed by the physician.

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