How To Cancel, Stop, Disable And Deactivate Auto Data Renewal On MTN

Worstest experience ever! You just subscribed to a particular data plan and later discovered that MTN has been using the medium to extort money from you and for you to opt-out suddenly became a problem because sometimes, MTN doesn’t give code to option out from a particular data plan. This is like a thorn to the flesh because you will be afraid to recharge your line.

Meanwhile, data renewal is good in some ways whereby, you subscribed to a data plan to keep renewing automatically for you in order to save time and stress of looking for codes to dial.

This data autorenewal has different codes to option out, depending on the type of data plan you activate and MTN has no special code to deactivate all at once. So in this tutorial, we will be making use of an App to deactivate this data automatic renewal. So let’s go on!

How To Cancel, Deactivate, Disable, Stop MTN Automatic Data Plan Autorenewal

  • It is simple and easy. Just download MTN official app called MyMTN by clicking here.
  • Then launch or open the application and Tap on Click To Start (you should login or create an account). As shown below;
  • Then tap on My Subscriptions. As shown below;
  • Then you would see the list of all the subscription plans that are active on your MTN line. Just Turn them off. As shown below;
  • Then tap on Unsubscribe to finally unsubscribe from that particular data plan and you would receive a message saying “You have successfully unsubscribed“. Enjoy!

By now, you would have been free from any MTN data autorenewal that has been removing money from your account and can now recharge your MTN line in peace.
Is it helpful? Do you encounter any problems or issues, while trying to unsubscribe from MTN data automatic renewal, kindly ask more questions and if it works for you, kindly share your experience!

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