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How to check or track your MTN Night data balance

MTN night data plan is one of the most useful data plans for customers because it has high volume of data and it’s affordable. But the disadvantage, is that it’s restricted from the day.

Those who use MTN night plan knows that the remaining data balance cannot be checked by just a USSD code because MTN didn’t give that function.

However, in this article, you’ll be provided with a useful method or tip on how to track or check your night plan data balance.

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How to check MTN night plan data balance

Those who are on iPulse tariff plan are eligible to activate the N25 for 500MB night plan on MTN network. It can be activated by sending “NIGHT” to 131 as SMS message. It valid from 12am in the night till 4am.

Since there’s no direct method on how to check MTN data balance, simply:

  • Go to your Android phone Settings.
  • Go to the menu option on Data Usage.

  • And choose the MTN NG option as it will show you the statistics of how you are using your data. Choose your current date, I mean the night when you’ve purchased your night browsing plan.

  • Now, you will see your data consumption information available there.

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I hope this method is helpful? If so, share your experience or add your method in the comment section below!


  1. Detective_Khalifah Detective_Khalifah May 16, 2018

    Not an accurate way to check. I guess an app would be better ;-). A data saving app or VPN with column of data consumed at some specific period (hourly, daily, weekly, monthly). In this case, the hourly gap could give the bandwidth consumption size.

    • Imocheezy Imocheezy May 17, 2018

      It’s actually accurate and that’s how I check my balance

      • Prexblog Prexblog Post author | May 17, 2018

        Yea, it’s accurate… When the time is set, you’ll get the accurate result of your data consumption.

  2. Harun Khalid Adeiza Harun Khalid Adeiza May 18, 2018

    Nice thread man!
    It’s very legit and accurate way to check the invisible night plan data.
    Have been looking for these..

  3. Ayo ade Ayo ade May 19, 2018

    That’s really good thinking.

  4. hassan hassan May 20, 2018

    Thanks admin going to follow this steps whenever I subscribe so that I could check it

  5. hussaini hussaini May 21, 2018

    Useful tips bro,I don’t how to check this before but with this steps am to try it and feedback you, Mtn always use this opputunity to deduct airtime from your main balance when ever your night plan expires.but with this I don’t thing that will happen again.

  6. Marveln Marveln May 21, 2018

    fast thinking but I sometimes feel the 500mb they claim to give is less than 500mb

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