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How to Copy and Extract Text from Image on Android Devices

Have you been trying to copy or extract text from your Android device? Some people will think it not possible but it’s indeed possible and in fact, it’s easy and simple. Here in this guide, we will be sharing how you can extract and copy text from any form of image.

There are many apps that can perform the task but here in this article, we will be making use of Google app called “Keep“. It was mainly created by Google to save notes and carry out day-to-day activities but here in this article, we will use it to carry out another function.

It can extract different types of text whether in the form of an article, memes, comics, document scan and lots more. You can as well show-off in front of your friends after being acquainted on how to extract and copy text from any images on Android devices. Let’s go on!

How To Extract And Copy Text From Any Form Of Images On Android Devices

  • Firstly, install Google Keep application by clicking here
  • Launch the application and open a note.
  • Then, tap on the plus (+) icon to add the image you want to extract or copy text from.

  • After that, tap on the image to bring full view of it and tap on the upper-left three dot.

  • Tap on “Grab Image Text” and immediately, the text will be grabbed and written down for you to copy into your clipboard.

  • Enjoy!

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  1. Lorenzo Lorenzo July 11, 2017

    This is a new dimension. I am seeing it for the first time

  2. Lekan Lekan July 11, 2017

    This is seriously serious… Extract image from text? Ah I have to try it out. I am not doubting your tutorial but to catch fun with it

  3. Lorenzo Lorenzo July 11, 2017

    this is a good tutorial. One can even use this tutorial to extract text from video by using screenshot on a particular scene which we wants

  4. Sir Mike Sir Mike July 11, 2017

    Wow I cannot believe that I am seeing this I have been looking for this solution for a long period of time now it's good to have this solution upon All blog that I go through I have never seen this very new way to copy and extract text from a mobile phone thank you for sharing this with us

  5. Sir Mike Sir Mike July 11, 2017

    Again and I really hope this way too serious can be used to extract text from images have been long you want to do that but any app I download he's totally useless I need a clean editing which is very procedure well I'm going to try it now

  6. Bright Bright July 12, 2017

    thanks for sharing. nice one from Google

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