Are you surprised? You can now create WhatsApp GIF (graphical image formats) on your smartphone especially when having discussion with someone on WhatsApp. WhatsApp recently introduced this feature for its users and it’s also one of the best way to express your feelings or make someone happy when chatting with him or her on WhatsApp.

WhatsApp GIFs can be up to 6seconds long and you don’t have to create a GIF from another app or website before you can send it to your friends on WhatsApp. WhatsApp now has the tool to create GIF without leaving the platform. So let’s see how to achieve this.

How To Create WhatsApp GIF On Your Smartphone

  • Firstly, create a video from your smartphone that you would love to make a GIF.
  • Then open a conversation on WhatsApp and tap on Attachment icon.
  • Then open your gallery and select the video, you would love to convert to a GIF.
  • Then the video editor will appear, just tap on the camcorder icon at the right corner of the screen and the video will turn to a GIF.
  • Edit your video and make sure is under 6seconds long.
  • Now, you can send your GIF by tapping on the green arrow.

I hope you enjoyed and found this tutorial helpful? You can now share to your friends and families in order for them to benefit from this also.

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