Have you been looking for how to download paid Applications for free on playstore? Yea! You can do that easily using two perfect applications called Appvn and Blackmart. They are also Android Apps and they have the power to unlock and automatically purchase any paid apps from playstore without you paying a dime. Why I love these Apps is that, they doesn’t require root before they perform their tasks.

As we all know that Android OS ( operating system) is the largest operating system in the world and people trust Google playstore for their downloads but meanwhile, some apps aren’t free as they will be purchased using a debit card or credit card and this aren’t cool. So appvn and blackmart will be an alternative free Google playstore for you today as you will download any paid apps available on playstore for free. Let’s go on!

How To Download Paid Apps for free using Appvn

  • It is easy and simple. Just download AppVN application by clicking here.
  • Then launch and open it. Then you will have to change the language to English by tapping on the MENU and Tap on CAI DAT then change your language to English. As shown below;

Tap on “CAI DAT”

Choose English as your language
- So to download App for free, just go to playstore and locate the paid app you want to download and scroll down to **SHARE**, then tap on **AppVN** in the options. As shown below;

Tap on download and enjoy!

  • Then download it from the AppVN for free without paying a dime.

How to download paid apps for free using Blackmart

  • It is easy and simple. Just download Blackmart App by clicking here.
  • Then launch and open it.

  • Tap on the search box and search the paid app you want to download for free and download the app without paying a dime.

So with these methods and ways, you would be able to download any paid apps for free without paying a dime and can also use these Apps as your alternative playstore.

Is it helpful? Do you encounter any problems or issues while trying to set this up, kindly ask more questions and if it works for you, kindly share your experience!

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