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How to Fix Data Zapping in Android Device

One of the most annoying experience while using Android is quick exhaustion of data. Nowadays, that getting an affordable data plan is very hard, your purchased data can just get burnt within a twinkle of an eye, if usage is not well monitored or protected.

The main reasons your data exhaust quickly is because there are lots of background apps running on your device. These apps automatically starts running without you opening them, such as Playstore, Facebook, WhatsApp and many others.

When playstore constantly updates by itself in background, it wipe out data, likewise WhatsApp and other social media apps. These social media apps notifies you of any updates which obviously shows they are running on background.

Thanks to Android. The settings to stop running background apps on your device has been installed, you don’t need any additional apps. You can as well use latest Google app called “Datally” to monitor them.

STEP 1: Now, to stop background apps to stop zapping data, go to Settings and tap on Data usage.

STEP 2: Tap on the SIM that the data connection is switched on and scroll down to see the amount of data used by these apps.

STEP 3: Tap on the app you want to disable and finally, toggle on the “Restrict App Background Data” to disable the app from running on background.

You can repeat the steps above to all other applications to stop them from running on background and if you need an app to help you monitor them, you can use Google Datally app.

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