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How to Fix On-Screen Flickering Issue on Android Device

Android device has a lot of functions that gets everyone amazed and at the same time, it do develop a lot of problem. The most common problem is the On-Screen flickering issue, whereby the screen flash and blinks at interval which could not make the phone owner type or see through the screen.

This issue came after or before the introduction of 4.2 Jellybean, 4.4 KitKat, 5.0 Lollipop, 6.0 Marshmallow and 7.0 Nougat Android version which makes the Android phone keeps getting screen flickering.

What’s the Cause of Android Screen Flickering?

Android screen flickering issue can be caused by many reasons and some of these reasons has their respective fixes. Based on my research, Android screen flickering is caused by the inability of the operating system (OS) to differentiate between hardware GPU and software CPU. Some other reasons that can cause screen flickering are old apps installed, OS, Cache partition and phone’s brightness.

How to Fix Android Screen Flickering Issue

There are many methods to fix this issue and they are by turning off the hardware overlay, restarting the Android device, change developer options, manage brightness and ruling out software problems.

1. Restart Your Android Device

The most common problem that affects Android device is solved and fixed by restarting your phone. This option doesn’t only work for Android phones but as well as other devices.

Simply completely power down your Android device and wait for at least 10 minutes and power it on again. This sometimes fix the software issue.

2. Change Developer Options

This works better by changing your developer options. If you don’t have developer option, kindly go to your Settings>>About Device and locate Build Number and tap it up to 7 times.

After you’ve got the developer option, go to Settings>>Developer option and under DRAWING, disable “Show Surface Updates” and scroll down to the option “Disable HW Overlays” and enable it.

This will help you use your GPU for screen compositing and will help you eliminate screen flickering.

3. Manage Your Brightness

After applying the two options above and the screen flickering issue still appears, you should check up your screen brightness. You’ll find them under your Display Settings. Disable auto-brightness correction or adjusting.

You should use a higher settings if you encounter flickering with low battery and vice versa. If the problem disappears, you’ve fixed it but if it still appears, meaning the problem has to deal with a deeper issue.


These are the best and recommended ways to fix Android flickering issue which has helped thousands of Android users around the world.

The best method is the second step because it will help you get rid of the flicker by using the Graphic Processing Unit (GPU) for screen compositing instead of switching between CPU and GPU for the same job.

Moreover, if the flickering still happens after that, you should consult your warranty or take it to any nearest local store and request for a fix.

The only way this problem won’t be fixed is when your device has a faulty or damaged hardware but it’s easy enough to fix with time and patience because is one of the most annoying issue on Android device.

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