There are many errors that affect Android smartphone, especially in speed and performance. Sometimes ago, I published an article on how to resolve “Unfortunately, App has stopped” and the numerous ways to resolve the issue.

Now, in this article, you will be acquainted on how to resolve “Unfortunately, system UI has stopped” error, which is one of the most popular errors that affects many Android phone users.

This error can make your smartphone less responsive, seize your phone and render your phone useless by hanging all the time. It can freeze and hang your phone because is the UI (user interface) that has issues.

The error usually happened due to recent app updates or your phone RAM might be too low to handle all opened and running background applications.

Infinix, Xiaomi, Gionee and many smartphone users do encounter this error, due to Google updates or their app and third party applications. However, you can resolve the issue with these three (3) steps provided.

How to fix Unfortunately UI system has stopped

First method

In this first method, you can restart your device using the power button and check if the problem still persist, if yes, you can follow up other solutions below;

Second method

In this method, uninstall the Google update by going to Settings>>Apps>>Google App and uninstall. After that, you can restart your device and see if the problem still persist, if yes, scroll to the next solution below;

Third method

Go to Settings>>APPS and tap on “SHOW SYSTEM APPLICATION” in the drop down menu.
Now look for “System interface” among the listed apps and perform clearing of data and cache in memory section.
Now, restart your device and everything will be back to normal.

These are the best solutions in fixing those problems. Sometimes, lower RAM causes the freezing and seizing of applications even the UI (User interface) and therefore, force it to stop functioning. That’s why you had to restart your device whenever the problem occurs.

Helpful? Share your experience and if encounter any problems or issues, kindly ask below.

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