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How To Flash Or Install Custom ROM On Your Android Device

Improve your Android battery capacity, speed and performances, updates to the latest version and many others by flashing or installing a custom ROM into your Android device. Stock ROM is your Android follow-come version but you can leave it and install a custom ROM to enjoy more features. For example; if you are using a phone that doesn’t receive latest version updates, you can install a custom ROM (created or customized by people) to improve your phone and upgrade to a higher version.

How To Flash Or Install A Custom ROM On Your Android Device

Firstly, you have to backup your Android device in order not to lose any files, after successful flashing and installing of the custom ROM. After that, you will have to look for the custom ROM that corresponds with your phone model. Assuming, am using Infinix Hot 2, I will have to flash or install any custom ROM of Infinix Hot 2 and custom ROM is always in .ZIP which is up to 500MB to 1.5GB but do not extract it.

Then you will also have to download Gapps (Google Apps) that corresponds with your phone version, you can download it by clicking here. Assuming am using Android 5.0 lollipop, I will also have to download Gapps 5.0. Then after downloading Gapps and the custom ROM, you will have to install them on your Android, kindly save them into your internal storage or SD card.

How To Flash Or Install Gapps And Custom ROM On Your Android Device

Note: You can use this method to flash Gapps and custom ROM.

STEP 1: Firstly, boot into your custom recovery mode by switching of your phone and Hold Volume Down + Power buttons for 5 seconds.
STEP 2: Then locate the custom ROM you downloaded which is in .zip in your SD card through the boot recovery mode by clicking on ADD zip from SD card and install or flash it in TWRP and Clockworkmod.

Install it in TWRP

Install the custom ROM in Clockworkmod

STEP 3: Then after the Installation or flashing is complete then clear cache in TWRP and Clockworkmod by typing on Wipe data/reset from the recovery mode menu.

Swipe to flash or install the custom ROM in TWRP

Tap the custom ROM and flash it in your device in Clockworkmod

Mark Dalvik and cache then swipe to clear cache in TWRP

Tap on Wipe/data reset and wipe cache in Clockworkmod

STEP 4: Then go back and tap on REBOOT NOW and wow! welcome to your new custom ROM.

This is the simplest and common way of flashing custom ROM into your Android Device but some other devices had their own way like Samsung make use of Odin to flash custom ROM, Sony make use of SP flash tool while Nexus make use of Nexus root toolkit.

Is it helpful? Do you encounter any problems or issues while flashing or installing a new custom ROM on your Android Device, kindly ask more questions and if it works for you kindly share your experience!


  1. Official Prexblog Official Prexblog February 13, 2017

    Yea! you can use it for your Infinix zero…you just have to download a custom ROM and use this method above to flash or install it inside.

  2. Bright Bright February 13, 2017

    what about my note 2? I want to upgrade it also… where do I get the custom ROM from?

  3. Official Prexblog Official Prexblog February 13, 2017

    No risk involve but you will only face risk if you flash ROM that is not your phone type. So you need the ROM that corresponds with your phone model or version.

  4. usama mustapha usama mustapha February 13, 2017

    my phone is tecno y6 i want upgrade it to lollipop v5.1

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