How to flash your Android phone for free without visiting engineers

You might have experienced one problem and the other with your device, which the absolute solution requires flash. Flashing a device is same as resetting the device, whereby all data wipes out, including the contacts. With backup, your device information/data will be intact.

With this article, you will be able to flash your Android device at the comfort of your home and for free, without visiting an engineer for a fix or solution.

The most common reasons why you will require a flash is when your phone hangs or lags, when the apps doesn’t respond anymore with “Unfortunately, App has stopped” warning errors and when upgrading your phone to another android version and it stops on the way causing it to boot in danger. There are many more reasons you might want to flash your device.

So, this article will help you out in two solid ways which will definitely and outrightly resolve the solution.

Solution 1

Hard Reset – This feature will help you reset your device. This means that your device will be flashed as if it’s a new device with its bloatware apps, third-party apps will be deleted. This helps solve a lot of problems with Android device.

Just go to Settings>>Backup and Reset>> and perform a hard reset on your device as your device will reboot.

Voila! Your Android device problems have been fixed.

Solution 2

Recovery Mode Reset – Flashing your device through recovery mode can be done especially when your device can’t boot to the homepage, then you’d have to use the shortcut in Android recovery mode to fix the issue.

Power off your device, hold on Volume Up + Power button to boot up your device and you’ll be redirected to Recovery Mode. Then use Volume Up button to navigate up and Volume down button to navigate down and power up button to select.

Kindly navigate to Wipe/Data Factory Reset and use power button to select. Wait for it to successfully flash the device and reboot normally. You’re done.

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  1. Mr P. I downloaded the ROM for my infinix. since I need to unroot my phone before proceeding, I checked if it’s rooted using Du booster app. it confirmed my phone to be unrooted . can I go on? I tried using root checker o. but due to the intensity of how bad my phone is, I couldn’t use it to check if it’s rooted or not. thanks for reply.

  2. but it’s displaying unfortunately app stopped. please how do I unroot it. I don’t even know if it’s rooted but how do I unroot it

    1. You have to confirm if is rooted before you can unroot.

      Download the Root checker app officially on play store.

      Uninstall the former root checker.

      After confirming it, if is rooted, enter the kingroot app and go their settings, you’ll find “Unroot”, then unroot it.

  3. Thanks a lot for the info.. But I am now use to SP flash tools.. This method is very helpful for immediate solving of any problem like soft bricking where you still have an access to your recovery mode.
    Thanks for the info boss.

    1. Tap on the Root Authorization Setting and you will see Remove Root Permission. Tap on it and a confirmation message will show up, tap OK. Once the unroot process begin, wait for a while until you get a notification that root has been removed from your phone. Wait for the app to close and then reboot your phone.

        1. precious thanks a lot o. I’ve done everything. and it’s now working fine. I’m grateful Bro. I know how much it would have cost me if it had been given to engineers. thanks. I’m happy that my phone is back. thanks. you are one in a million!

  4. I have try kingoroot, kingroot &Iroot! To root mah Xiaomi redmi note3 pro version six(6) but it didn’t root!!!any help pls

  5. A very helpful method for quick recovery of your phone from viruses.. Thanks for reviewing.. Going to save this information.

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