Are you looking for a way to generate unlimited and uncountable airtime on the new Opera News application? You have that right in this article. Thanks to Realitytechs aka Abdulrahman Zakariyya for revealing the trick.

Opera News is an Android application that allows you stay up-to-date to what you loves to read. It delivers a variety of trending news and entertaining videos and get smarter in each use. Do not be confused, it’s an entertaining app and not a browser like chrome.

Some weeks ago, they decided to launch a new system called “Referral“, to attract more customers to their apps and at the same time, they pay their customers for any user they invites to the app. This had made them have over 1 million downloads in the past week on Google play store.

How does the Opera News Referral System works and where to download the app

When you download the Opera news app, via here on Google play store. You will be given free N25 airtime, if you use someone referrals while the person that refer you gets N50 airtime.

How to generate unlimited airtime on your Android phone using ID Changer

STEP 1: Find another phone (Phone 2) and download Opera news app using your (Phone 1) referrals link and you will be given N50 airtime on Phone 1 and Phone 2 will get N25 airtime.

STEP 2: Now, uninstall the Opera News app from Phone 2 and download ID Changer on Android play store via here and change your phone ID.

STEP 3: Now, download the Opera news app again using your Phone 1 referrals link and you will get another N50 airtime.

STEP 4: Keep repeating those steps above till you get tired and you will get unlimited airtime till Opera news decides to lock the trick in the future.

How can I withdraw my airtime?

Open your Opera news app, go to your earning dashboard and tap on “Buy Airtime“, the enter your Phone number and select the amount of money to withdraw, then tap on “GO” and you will be recharged immediately through VTU.

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