How To Get 200MB Free Glo Data For Complete 7 Days

Glo are no more joking and they are trying hard not to be left out in the game of freebies that all networks are using as a business strategy to drag customers to their network by all means. This led Glo Nigeria also known as grandmaster of data plan to unleash their freebies that has catapult over other networks awoof.

However, this business strategy really works great and you should therefore note that, this awoof is official and not a cheat. Moreover, the awoof was unleashed to help customers amidst present economy crisis that’s affecting everyone in the country.

This awoof or bonus mainly work for those who provides the necessary prerequisites or requirements which means that you can only activate the offer based on one condition. The offer or bonus can be activated on all Glo lines irrespective of your tariff plan but you have to spend at least 250naira on voice call or 100MB plus 150naira on data to be qualified or eligible for the Glo free 7 days free browsing offer.

How To Activate Glo Free Browsing Offer For 7 Days

Spend 250naira on voice call or 100MB plus 150naira on Data and the 200MB bonus will be activated instantly. It valid for 7 days and can be checked by dialling #122#.

Enjoy your Data!

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  1. Reply

    Did conditions nawaoo

  2. Reply

    glo shouldnt b d 1 to b doing ds to Nigerians i swear…. U wey b sey u b omo ilu….indigenous4dat matter…even etisalat is doing well

  3. Reply

    if dem go help mk dem help…haba wch 1 b sey u gv pasin goat mk e dey kari am go sey u dash am but yet u still hold d rope(proverb)

  4. Reply

    I don't think the conditions are bad. they are just simply rewarding people for using their etisalat sim to make call as they always do. most people make more than N300 calls a day. it's a good thought from them

  5. Reply


  6. Reply

    Nice one

  7. Reply

    nt really bad though, everyone x trying their best this recession period to keep their customers

  8. Reply

    I think the conditions are stringent, it should have been either voice call or data usage and not the two at the same time.This is not an awoof.

  9. nice one

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