How To Get Auto Likes, Auto Commenter, Auto Followers On Instagram And Facebook

There are sometimes, you will just want to get many people to like your post or just somehow in a way to prank your friends by getting 256+ likes automatically on just one of your post on Facebook. Yea! It is easy and legal to activate. Once you activate this, people from different part of the world even your friends will automatically start liking your post without knowing. Not only Facebook, also on Instagram and many people will also comment and follow. Hmmm its amazing right?

Yea! It is easy and very simple to activate. So to get many likes, comments and followers, you just have to follow this simple guidelines and immediately, you are done getting likes on different of your Facebook posts. Let’s go on!

How To Get Many Likes, Followers, Commenter On Your Facebook Post and Instagram

  • It is easy and simple. Just go to or any different websites that can generate likes. Meanwhile, I recommend 4liker for you.
  • Then scroll down, tap on CLICK HERE TO GENERATE NEW and authorise HTC sense. As shown below.
  • Then go back and tap on CLICK HERE TO GET ACCESS TOKEN and copy the access token code in the box. 
  • Then go back to the homepage and paste the code in the box saying SUBMIT TOKEN and click on LOGIN. As shown below;
  • So choose any one of your choice and complete the mission by following the instructions.

You can watch this video below to understand it more better

So by now, you would have been receiving automatic comments, followers and likes on your official pages and many others.

Is it helpful? Do you encounter any problems or issues while trying to activate this kindly, ask more questions and if it works for you, kindly share your experience!

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  1. Reply

    WhT A nice post

  2. Reply

    currently trying it… I will keep you uodated

  3. Reply

    all I can see there is logging in … nothing else.. just static.. I'm used uc mini… the handler to be precise

  4. Reply

    just reloading… any solutions!!!

  5. Use your normal browser not handlers

  6. Please kindly follow the tutorial properly, it will surely work. I have done it many times.

  7. Reply

    may be opera mini is not Okay for it

  8. I have successfully added video.

  9. Reply

    okay… gonna try again

  10. Reply

    You must be a wizard Prex. You too good.

  11. Reply

    Do you know about those tools to auto add friends, auto send friend request, auto send DM for twitter users and the likes of them? Thanks for your great work.

  12. Reply

    NYC update

  13. Hmmm not yet available

  14. Reply

    if you are having issues you can try this link

  15. Reply


  16. Reply

    precious pls why do I need to give Iphotos access to my account in other to use this liker?

  17. Give 4likers not iPhotos. There is an app in your Facebook account called HTC SENSE. So you need to give it permission in order to have access to your account to give you the likes you want.

    it won't hack you, is not somebody that is controlling it, its automated.

    • Anonymous
    • March 27, 2017

    itz simple download d app from playstore…its very easy…me don become star for fb and instagtam

  18. Reply

    Thanks, simple and explanatory

  19. Reply

    iPhoto now comes up, android app no longer work, sites seems not to be working again

  20. Reply

    pls i dnt get it oo

  21. Reply

    Get 10k Likes

  22. Reply
    Nowliker is Best and 100% working site.

  23. Reply

    Best autoliker Website and 100% working:-

    Photo like , Status Like , Coutom id Like

  24. Reply

    Try New auto liker this is the best working Facebook auto liker website

  25. Reply

    Is it possible that your friends could like your post, order than foreigners? Am a Nigerian n foreigners only liking the post seems odd and fishery, please help if possible.

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