How To Get Free 500Naira Or More Airtime On Zoto App

This is so amazing as I was given free 500naira real credit or airtime which was instantly recharged to my network from Zoto App. Meanwhile, Zoto app is one of the best rated app on playstore with millions of people making use of it and this has make them decide to reward any user who update his or her Zoto app.

In any case, this app is simple to use and handle, as it cashback any of your recharges when you make use of the app for any transaction. It also reward users who refers his or her friends whereby the person uses his friends refferals code to sign up and both gain free bonus on the first transaction of the person that was referred.

So let’s move to the main topic. Not long ago, Zoto started rewarding any user who newly sign up and existing users who update their Zoto app on playstore. Many prexbloggers has gotten a lot of free 500naira airtime from Zoto App.

This 500naira is a normal airtime which will stay in your normal account balance and can be used to make calls, buy or purchase data plans and surf the internet using Pay As You Go.

How To Activate Free N500 On Zoto App  

  • Firstly, download Zoto App by clicking here and enter your mobile number to sign up.

  • Then OTP code would be sent to you for verification, just like when you are registering an account on WhatsApp.
  • Then after creating your Zoto account successfully, then tap on CLAIM N500 FOR FREE to get your free airtime.
  • So by now, your N500 would be sent to you through VTU and automatically loaded to your account.

So this is how to get free N500 from Zoto App. It is very simple and easy and do not miss it.
How To Get More 500Naira From Zoto App
You can get more N500 On Your Zoto App by using different Sims with different emails to create an account on Zoto App.
Is it helpful? Do you encounter any problems or issues while trying to set up, kindly ask more questions and if it works for you, kindly share your experience!

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  1. Reply

    Thanks boss it work, pls add me to ur Whatsapp group 07061288418

  2. Reply

    Wat a post Thanks for the update prexi!!

    • Anonymous
    • March 17, 2017

    pls add me up 07068389900

  3. Reply

    You are always good Prex. Nice one.

  4. Reply

    link to download without referring to playstore pls

  5. Reply

    Please download it on playstore because that's where the update for 500naira is.

  6. Reply

    gonna try it asap… thanks for the update

  7. Reply

    is that your referral link… how do we refer others so we can earn more?

  8. Reply

    This 500naira does not require referral stuffs. Just claim it.

  9. Reply

    U can't use it twice on a phone

  10. Reply

    You can use it twice

  11. Reply


  12. Reply

    How can i collect it twice from the same phone

  13. Reply

    You will use another sim or number with different email.

    Then uninstall and install your Zoto App from playstore and finally, register another account to claim the 500naira.

  14. Reply

    plx o mine showing this item not available in ur country plz help out comment…

  15. Reply

    Yes… I think you are using VPN. Use normal MB.

  16. Reply

    oh… thanks… so tweakware and stark won't work

  17. Reply

    it didn't work for my old account… I just uninstalled and installed it again… couldn't find anything like that

  18. Reply

    Am just seeing this, so cool,gud one oga prex

  19. Reply

    Weldone boss gonna try it out

  20. Reply

    Open another account

  21. Reply

    I just collect my own #500 by simply updating my ZOTO app.I even use the Etisalat Stark VPN to update and make the transactions.It was credited to my main account. For MTN,use *556# to check balance

    • Anonymous
    • March 18, 2017

    blazing mine 500 and 20mb thanks admin

  22. Reply

    plz help i did it on my mtn and i have change my sim but it keeps showing you seem like an.existing zoto customer. and it keeps showing my former gmail. how can I change it to a new one I have 2 gmail I need it on my Airtel line

  23. Reply

    Use your other sim number and use another email that has not been used before.

    Firstly, clear your Zoto App Cache. It will work.

    • Anonymous
    • March 18, 2017

    I signed up and did everything as written herein but I can't find the claim your #500.

    • Anonymous
    • March 18, 2017

    I signed up and did everything as written herein but I can't find the claim your #500.

    • sealord
    • March 18, 2017

    I did everything as instructed here but I can't find the claim your 500#

    • sealord
    • March 18, 2017

    I did everything as instructed here but I can't find the claim your 500#

  24. Reply

    You will see it immediately you sign up

  25. Reply

    He de ask of zoto password

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