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How to Identify A Fake Itel, Infinix and Tecno Phone

One of the things to avoid when buying a new phone is falling a victim for the fake ones because counterfeiters are restless in cloning fake phones. When the decision comes to buy a phone, the first plan is to avoid the fake one.

Sometimes, we make a week long consultation just to make sure we don’t buy a fake phone and is very painful when one buy a fake phone especially with hard earned money.

How You Can Identify A Fake Itel, Infinix and Tecno Smartphones

1. The Phone Pack: Most fake smartphones looks strong and thick to even differentiate them from the original one. They are called “COPY”, they are strong with high Android operating system (OS).

To avoid buying this type of fake phone, firstly, identify the model of the phone and copy the name and model number, take it the market and buy the pack first. Before you pay for the phone, remove it and check the charging point, ear phone and volume control keys. If they did not fit in properly, it’s a copied or cloned phone because copies don’t have same fitting as the original phones.

2. The Warranty Seal: The seal can be found on almost all phones, is carefully placed above a screw at the back of the phone. Next time you want to buy a phone, check and examined all the screw holding the phone, you will see a warranty seal covering one of them and if you can’t find this seal, the phone is a copied and might have even been used before.

3. Network Promo Label: This is another sure way to identify and spot a fake Itel, Infinix and Tecno Phone. They come with either MTN, Glo and 9mobile (Etisalat) label promo sealed inside their pack. I’ve never seen a “Copy” with a promo label but if you find the promo seal you are buying an original phone.

Stick to these guides and you will never fall victim of buying a cloned or copied Itel, Infinix and Tecno phones.

Is it helpful? Which other ways have you spotted a fake phone, share your experience to help others and remember to share this article to your friends (there is love in Sharing).


  1. Ebenco Real Ebenco Real October 8, 2017

    Thank you for this wonderful post!!! really helpful

  2. hassan hassan October 9, 2017

    Thanks for this helpfull post I think it gonna really help those using a smart phone.but I think am gonna forward this link to my brother who wants to buy an infinix product.

  3. ayomide Eniola ayomide Eniola October 9, 2017

    Many ignorant people are gullible. They want to get the cheapest thing and end up been duped.

    Thanks for the Info.

  4. Paul Damy Paul Damy October 9, 2017

    Yeah you are actually right..
    It is better to go for the right product without thinking much of the price !!

  5. Paul Damy Paul Damy October 9, 2017

    Good points listed ..
    Interesting article ….

  6. Chidowski Chidowski October 9, 2017

    Thanks for the info and advice..
    But please does infinix have fake phones?

  7. hussaini hussaini October 10, 2017

    Thanks i find this post very helpfull .especially to those who are smartphone dealers and to smartphone handler as a whole.good from you by coming with this timely and informative article

  8. DE PROF DE PROF October 14, 2017

    This post is really helpfull to me because i find it difficult to between fake and original phone.thanks for the update.

  9. music download music download January 12, 2018

    Yes you are right. its better you look very well because some do even sell fake ones for high price

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