Everyone wants their phone to get the highest version of Android upgrade since it fixes bugs, improves the performance of a phone and add new features to it.

The Nougat version brings a lot features. Before we go into the topic, let’s discuss the features Android Nougat brings.

Features of Android Nougat 7

1. Proper Clear All

You can clear all applications with a tap. Google include this feature in Android 7 Nougat, scroll the preview card where you will find a new button.

2. Data Saver

This new feature available on Android Nougat 7 will prevent apps from using cellular data from background. Meanwhile, you can also grant apps permission to run in background via Settings>>Data usage>>Data saver.

3. Instant Message Reply

When you receive a message from social media apps like Facebook messenger and WhatsApp, you can reply the message without leaving your current screen.

4. Bundled Notifications

Instead of receiving different messages as alert, Google Nougat feature will bundle all the message from that app to a single line. You can swipe down to view all messages.

5. Manage Notifications

Just with a long press on a notification, you can silent or disable alert instead of diving into random settings menu.

6. Multiwindow

Android now supports viewing of two apps at the same time even on a phone. A long-press on the multitasking button will shrink down the app you are currently using, and give you the option to pick from another app that’s open in the background.

And many more features like the quick settings tiles, quick toggles and much more with Google assistant.

Now, let’s go back into the topic that says “How to Know if your Phone Supports Android Nougat” and you will see the reasons or things to know about the phones that can receive the Nougat version Android upgrade.

1. Former Operating System (OS) – Your former operating system (OS) of your mobile device determines if you can receive the Nougat version Android upgrade. For example, phones with 2.2 to 4.4 KitKat and even 5.0 lollipop versions can never the official Nougat update.

2. Memory Storage – The memory storage plays a good roles in mobile phones. Phone with good memory storage and good operating system are eligible to receive the Nougat update. If a phone of 1GB RAM or below, receives Nougat by mistake, it will definitely lag. So, Nougat update can never hit a phone with low memory storage.

3. Manufacturers – Since is the manufacturer of a mobile phone that sometimes sends upgrade to its users, your Nougat update pending issues should be questioned from your phone manufacturer.

These are the three main factors that may hinder your Android Nougat update. You should get a phone with higher features like 2GB RAM and above, higher inbuilt memory storage, popular phone manufacturers and a good former operating system.

What’s your say about this? You can drop your phone model and get an instant reply if it supports Nougat update.

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