There are obvious signs that your phone’s battery is getting weak. Your phone’s battery would definitely need replacement, if it keeps showing these signs:

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1. Quick Battery Draining: The first sign you would get when your battery is becoming weak is quick battery drainage. If you used to get 4 to 6 hours of battery life on heavy usage on your phone, you won’t get those hours of usage anymore. In fact, you might barely get up to an hour under same condition of usage.

2. Charging becomes very fast: Another sign that shows your battery needs replacement or is becoming weak, is the unusual very fast way it will start charging up to 100% of full power. For example, If you used to get 100% battery charge under 3 hours, you might start getting it under 4 minutes.

3. Inability to retain power: This issue normally happen at a very low battery level. That moment you power on your phone and suddenly, it shutdown and you power it on again, only to see it still has some power left. It keeps shutting down due to the issue of not able to retain power.

In conclusion, if you are experiencing these issues, kindly know that your phone’s battery is showing obvious signs of replacement. Additionally, get a good battery from the manufacturer or any verified offline shops and a good charger.

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