How to know what someone did with your phone after borrowing it

Are you interested in knowing what a stranger or someone did with your phone after borrowing it out to him or her? This article will explicitly explain and acquaint you on how to carry that out.

I can still recall and remember when I borrowed out my phone to one of my girlfriend but she left the purpose of collecting the phone and moved straight to my private chats on WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger, thinking I won’t know. I later called and surprised her of all activities she carried out with my phone.

So, back to the topic. All your Android activities are being saved and stored on your phone by Google new feature called “Google Activities”.

Activities like your browsers, URL you entered, apps you opened on your phone, photos, among other activities.

Is there a way to know what someone did after borrowing my Android phone?

  • Open your browser using “Google Chrome” or any other quality browsers and go to
  • Then, sign in with your gmail account and you’ll see all the recent and old activities being carried out on your phone.
  • You can decide to clear the data to start a fresh. Now, you can borrow your phone and track up the activities at peace.

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  1. Uh-huh! Hohoho! This is incredible and it’s what I have been looking for! My special greetings to you Mr Precious @admin! Gonna give it a try right now away… People don’t know me.. Thanks

  2. Oga Prex u too much. This is really a nice post. kinda cool way to keep an eye on those checking private things on your phone.

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