How To Point More Than 1 million Websites To Only One Website

Are you looking for a way to redirect or point multiple websites to only one website? This situation happens, when a site owner has many websites and decided to point them to one website. There are certainly one way to achieve this redirection and is called redirecting using html code.

There was once a time, I bought many domain names and was unable to use them on many websites because I only have one website, so all I could do, was to redirect the websites to only one domain name. Lets see how to.

How To Redirect And Point Multiple Websites To Only One Website 

  • Just login to the website panel, you want to redirect.
  • Then go the main HTML codes and paste this code below after the .

if(window.location.href == ‘ ‘)

As shown below;

Note: Change to your website name.
  •  You can keep repeating this step on the website you want to redirect.

 Benefits Of Redirecting Multiple Domain Names

  1. It will help you drive all traffics from formal website to a new redirected website.
  2. It will help your audience from other website, understand your leave.

Is it helpful? Do you encounter any problems or issues while redirecting, kindly ask more questions and if it works for you, kindly share your experience.

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  1. Reply

    sure it will be very useful for bloggers… what's the work of proximity sensor and accelerometer in android phones ?

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    what a Generous post nc update

  3. Reply

    I seem not to understand this. In the above example. Do you mean is the website I'm redirecting to. And is the domain name I'm redirecting to Thank you.

  4. Reply

    I seem not to understand this. In the above example. Do you mean is the website I'm redirecting to. And is the domain name I'm redirecting to Thank you.

  5. Reply

    Proximity is that the phone can sensor any nearest sounds like television and others.

    Accelerometer means that it can measure acceleration.

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    Yea….you are redirecting to

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    I wish I understood what u are saying,oga prex can u pls post an article for novice on how to create a Blog

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    I got it now. Thanks Prex.

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    I'd like you to post something on comparism between blogger and wordpress website/blog. Which of them will you suggest for bloggers,business,organization etc. Thank you.

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    Ok I will do that as soon as possible.

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    okay…an article on how to create a blog for novice… that's a good idea.. but what's the need for the proximity sensor… what's the need to detect television sounds?

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    Without that feature, you won't be able to make calls comfortably.

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    oh yeah… now I get it… u know in airtel 2g plan… if u want to make it faster,(using mtk) u will see a pop saying something like the performance of calling will be low compared to that of browsing .. So my question is; what effect does have on calls

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    but does it need any verification of the initial website

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