How to port your mobile number across any networks in Nigeria

Are you tired of your current network operator? Do you want to switch to another network operator and still retain your mobile number? You are currently at the right place. 

Switching to another network operator is also called Porting, which means you are porting in or porting out. There are many situations that might make you port out or port in onto a network, which are: too much charges and bills, poor network, poor services, unorganized SMS relating to spam and many others.

We have four strong mobile network operators in Nigeria and they are: 9mobile, Glo, MTN and Airtel. Porting is absolutely free and you can decide to port from MTN to Airtel, Airtel to MTN, Glo to MTN, Glo to Airtel, 9mobile to MTN, Airtel to 9mobile and Glo to 9mobile.

Migrating, Porting or switching from your current network operator to another is reffered to as Mobile Number Portability. This MNP service allows Nigerians to migrate to other networks of their choice. They can also migrate to their old network operator if they desire but will take 90 days after last migration.

The MNP service will allow a subscriber port from his or her service provider to another network operator without losing his or her old number. Meanwhile, the old number SIM will die off.

Assuming you want to port onto another network operator like from MTN to Airtel, the MTN is the (donor) while the Airtel you are porting to, is the (recipient). So, the recipient (Airtel) will issue you a new SIM card but you will still retain your MTN mobile number.

Terms used when porting

  • Port In – Means you are joining a new service provider.
  • Port Out – You are leaving a service provider.
  • Donor – The service provider you are porting from.
  • Recipient – The new service provider you are porting onto.
  • Subscriber – The customers that owns the SIM to be ported.

You won’t be charged when porting to any network of your choice. 

How to Port to another network in Nigeria

Note: Before you port, make sure you backup your contacts, use all the credits and data on the SIM, otherwise it will be wiped off.

If you are porting from MTN to Glo, you need to visit the Glo outlet because its the recipient.

STEP 1: Go to or visit any nearest recipient (i.e the network you’re porting onto) point of sales such as high street store, office, friendship centre, corporate sales team or authorised dealers, to request for MNP.

STEP 2: When you get get to the office, you’ll be given MNP request form to fill and you must have a valid proof of identity with a visible photograph such as Voter’s card, Student ID cards, Driver’s license or any valid ID card. Make sure the SIM is active and registered and you should be able to provide the SIM serial number.

STEP 3: After that, a new SIM will be issued to you and registered at that place or office and you’ll be informed to send “PORT” to “3232” as text message and if you fail to send the text SMS message, your porting request will fail.

STEP 4: Now, your request will be forwarded by the recipient to NPC (Number Portability Clearing House) where it will be approved and validated. If validation is OK, you’ll be informed as the SIM will be activated.

After activation, your (donor) old number will still remain the same and you’ll be billed according to the default tariff plan of your new recipient or new network provider.

Is it helpful? Encounter any problems or issues, you can drop comment below and if it works for you, kindly share your experience!


  1. It’s very helpful bro.. Thanks for always keeping us updated.. But something i don’t understand is that, if you are porting MTN to Airtel, is that they will give you a new airtel sim card? And everyone that has that your number will still be able to contact you? Or you are gonna provide an old airtel sim card to them?

    1. They will give you a new airtel SIM and your old MTN number you port from, will still be retained.

      If they call you on your old MTN number, it will start ringing on the ported airtel line.

  2. They will give you a new airtel SIM and your old MTN number you port from, will still be retained.

    If they call you on your old MTN number, it will start ringing on the ported airtel line.

  3. It’s really awesome and great! Very interesting info.. Okay dear admin.. Now I understand, i don’t have to repeat that question again… How i wish I could do mine as well! Thanks for the update!

  4. Thanks for the info boss..
    The porting is not easy sha, you have to be moving around looking for their office before you could do it. Thanks a lot for the info.

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