Laptop computers are one of the most commonly stolen items in the world. They’re easy to steal, expensive, and you can sell the laptop and the information stored in them. The value of laptop computers goes beyond the price of the hardware itself. As we become more dependent on our laptops, we store more of our personal and banking information in our laptops. Identity thieves pay a premium for information obtained from used or stolen laptops.

There are steps we can take to protect laptop computers and data from theft. Not only will taking these steps help prevent theft, they will also help you recover your notebook and data if your laptop is stolen.

Laptop Computers – Theft Prevention Tips

  • Regular back-up and encryption – In order to protect any sensitive information on laptop computers, always remember to keep a back-up file and to encrypt any important files. That way, even if your laptop gets stolen, you’ll still have your information and the thieves won’t be able to access it.
  • Install tracking and recovery software – Tracking and recovery software helps track laptop computers if they are stolen and it recovers any stored information. Depending on the software, it could protect your laptop in any number of ways. It could activate a GPS locator once you report your laptop stolen. It could pinpoint the IP address where your laptop was last used to find its location. Some software programs laptops with built-in webcams to take snapshots of the thief and email the information to the police.
  • Place an ID Tag on your laptops – Laptops are so portable, they’re easy to misplace. Most people who find lost items are honest enough to return these items. Having ID Tags with the contact information on the laptop actually encourages people to return them. Instead of placing your own information; which also places you at risk, you could hire a recovery service instead.

Recovery services place ID Tags with their address on the laptop, instead of your address. In order to protect your identity, laptop computers are returned to them and they will in turn return your laptop to you. And further to encourage people to return lost, missing or stolen laptops, they’ll even offer cash rewards. For a nominal fee, you’ll be able they tag your laptop with a tamper-proof ID that also makes your laptop harder to sell on.

Finally, nothing beats vigilance and common sense. Avoid leaving laptop computers unattended. Avoid showing off your notebook in public places. And when carrying your laptop in a public place, use a discrete laptop bag. There are plenty of laptop bags out there that look like regular bags, in order to avoid catching the eye of thieves. Always be aware where you leave your things and if you ever do need to leave your laptop, leave it in a safe place under lock and key.

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