How To Remove Advertisements From Android App Using Lucky Patcher

One of the most frustrating experience ever, is by opening an android app or any app and sees advertisements or Ads popping out and often times hang and automatically redirects the phone to third-party websites. Meanwhile, the Ad is what the app developer will use to earn at least from the app but excess ad is always unbearable and annoying. So that’s why I have decided to write on how to remove the Ads from any android app.

In this tutorial, we will be making use of an android app called Lucky patcher. This android app can perform many task such as: unlocking games, cloning of applications, removing Ads from apps and many others. Lets focus on the main topic now, so this is how to remove advertisements from any Ad-infected android apps.

How To Remove Ads From Android App Using Lucky Patcher

  • Firstly, download Lucky patcher app by clicking here and launch or open it.
  • You would see lists of all your android apps, then select the App you wish to remove Ads from, with the tag “Google Ad Found” and tap on Open Menu of Patches.

  • Then Tap On Create Modified APK File and tap on APK without Google Ads.
  • In the next page, Mark all the options and tap on REBUILD THE APP.
  • The App would be successfully rebuild, then tap on GO TO FILE.
  • Then tap on your modified app and tap on Uninstall and install
  • You can now open your App and wow! The Ad will no more be available.
Yea! That’s how I was able to remove any disturbing Ads from my app.

Watch video below;

Is it helpful? Do you encounter any issues or problems while trying to remove Advertisements from your App? Kindly ask more questions and if it works for you, kindly share your experience!

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  1. Reply

    Nice tutorial. Thanks for the good work.

  2. Reply

    Nc 1 thanks Jere!!

  3. Reply

    thanks… really gonna need it

  4. Reply

    tnx oga Prex,used dis method to stop annoying ads on tweakeare and stark vpn

  5. Reply


  6. Reply

    Ehen, stark and tweakware una own don finish

  7. Reply

    It fried my tweakware, turned it into a vegetable and rendered it absolutely useless

  8. Yea! That's how I did mine too.

  9. Reply

    this is very cool… thanks once again… but… how do u make apps like coolArt and photoLab to work offline on android phones? u know they need data in order to perform their work

  10. use this method.

  11. Reply

    Oga precious, after going tru the above procedure, wen I won connect my stark VPN, e dey show me waiting for usable network…and refuse to connect oo pls help

  12. Reply

    switch on your data na… if it doesn't work, just know it was as a result of poor network and try after some time

  13. Reply

    o..Kay.. I will try it

  14. Reply

    Thanks prex…..But must I mark all the options, even those tat r not marked?

  15. Chai, I forget to add that it will destroy VPN. VPN will be rendered useless and hacked if you use it on it.

  16. Yea, you have to mark all Orelse, It won't work.

  17. Reply

    Pls precious wot next nw ooo..dis my tweakware and stark no dey connect oo

  18. Reply

    Hope not for Rooted phone

  19. Download new Stark VPN or Tweakware.

  20. Reply

    you said: “In the next page, Mark all the options and tap on REBUILD THE APP” I tried it you can mark all the options you will left with one option unmark…..
    Which one of the option will I left unmark?

  21. No

  22. Yea leave anyone you like in the two.

    • Anonymous
    • March 31, 2017

    Please do we need internet connection to make it work..?

  23. No

  24. Reply

    is written App not installed!! pls quick response

  25. Uninstall the previous app because you Duplicate it….

  26. Reply

    Hey.Nice! Your Blog…
    Lucky Patcher is an Application that gives you Real Control over the Permissions you give to the Apps installed on your Android. Download Lucky Patcher APK File from Click Here.

  27. Reply

    A very good resource for everybody that wants to read a good blog lucky patcher ios

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