Do you want to use your VPN free browsing or normal internet connection on your computer or desktop? Yea! You can share internet connections from your mobile phone (connected to vpn) to your computer especially from Psiphon, Tweakware and other VPNs you might know, just with the help of Pdanet+ app.

Pdanet+ is an app that enables it’s users to share internet connections from their phone to computer or tablets through three methods; *Bluetooth, USB cable and Wi-Fi hotspot.

How To Share Internet Connection From Your Smartphone To Computer

  • Firstly, you have to download the Pdanet+ by clicking here and also download it on your computer .exe by clicking here.
  • Then you will have to unlock Pdanet+ full version by using Foxfi Key App, you can download it by clicking here then on the Pdanet+, tap on UNLOCK FULL VERSION and Tap on UNLOCK WITH KEY APP.

  • Then you have successfully unlocked your Pdanet+. You can now follow or choose one method to use here to share the internet connection below;

METHOD 1: Using USB Cable – Just plug your USB cable from your phone to your computer and Tap on Activate USB MODE on your mobile phone Pdanet+ app and click on Pdanet+ icon your laptop to connect. Meanwhile, you would have connected your Psiphon VPN by this time. Then enjoy!

METHOD 2: Using Bluetooth  – Just tap on BLUETOOTH MODE to switch on your Bluetooth from your mobile phone and then connect using Pdanet+ from your computer. Meanwhile, you would have connected your Psiphon VPN. Enjoy!

METHOD 3: Using Wi-Fi Hotspot – Just tap on ACTIVATE WI-FI HOTSPOT from your mobile phone Pdanet+ app and your Wi-Fi will be switched on  then go to NOTIFICATIONS on your computer and connect to the Hotspot. Meanwhile, you would have already connected your Psiphon VPN. So enjoy!



With these methods, you will be able to connect your internet connections to your PC, Desktop, computer, tablets or any other devices without any stress.

Is it helpful? Do you encounter any problems or issues while trying to share your internet connection to your computer, kindly ask more questions and if it works for you, kindly share your experience!

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