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How To Spot And Identify A Fake Phone Memory Card Or SD Card, Checkout!

There are many memory card out in the market that are fake in different ways and it is very important for a phone to make use of SD card, particularly for memory storage support. Now, that the high demand of these memory cards has seen imitations arise which makes it very difficult for a buyer to know or distinguish between the original or fake SD card.

If you have fallen a victim or looking for a way to distinguish between the original and fake SD card, you are currently at the right spot or place as this article will give you full detailed analysis on how to identify a fake or original SD card. Now, lets go.

How To Identify An Original SD card

1. Perform Full Format: This method works better because a full format does a writing on the SD card and a deeper scan. If it shows ‘fails’ or gives error message like ‘Format SD card’, that actually means, you have successfully purchased a fake or defective SD card.

2. Check SD card Details: This is very important in verifying an original SD card. You should check for the serial number or manufacturing country identity number. Be focus when checking and don’t just look at the picture only as all memory cards because both fake and original look alike.

3. Do A H2testw to detect A Fake SD Card: This method is simple but mainly works on computer/PC, you just have to download H2testw simple tool on your PC and connect your SD card to your PC using a card reader, and follow the instructions. If you receive a message saying ‘The media is likely to be defective’, this means, its probably you have purchased a fake SD card.

These are the method i was able to garner together in detecting a fake and original SD card and its very good to invest in a good SD card. I will advice you to stay away from the memory card that are sold on the street or by hawkers. It will be highly recommendable to buy your SD card in online stores like Jumia, Slot and lots more. You should know that you stand the risk of loosing important files, if you invest your money on fake or counterfeit memory card.

You should drop your comment below, if you found any other way in detecting a fake SD card or other contributions.


  1. Ebenco Real Ebenco Real June 20, 2017

    Thanks for diz update this is a way to no good memory card am a victim of buying bad memory card!!!

  2. Bright Bright June 20, 2017

    I use SD INSIGHT . it works very well. but thanks for these ones you gave. one can't distinguish between fake and original memory card by just mere looking or sight. you need insight. that's why that app was given the name; insight

  3. Olaoye Abiodun Olaoye Abiodun June 20, 2017

    nice information,you should have SD insight when buying Memory Card t really helps alot

  4. Akinremi Seun Akinremi Seun June 20, 2017

    Thanks for the enlighment…av once been a victim..
    Have learnt something great with the above piece of information

  5. abdulrahman yusuf abdulrahman yusuf June 20, 2017

    oga prex pls can u drop d link to download d H2testw,and also in d absent of a card reader or when d memory card is on ones phone can we try d H2testw method bcux some of us av our apps in SD card and removal might cause a problem

  6. meeky bash meeky bash June 21, 2017

    Nice update prex, this is good info because buying SD card at a hug amount and later discover that is a fake it really pain&sad. This days u can't trust or differenciate between fake and original SD card and i just see some ways to be testing SD card before buying it like that app mention in d comment box, ''insight''.

    Thanks prex.


    This is a lovely piece of information, Bcos its helpful , ita good when u can detect and identify a good sdcard

  8. Olayinka Olayinka June 21, 2017

    Even numia dey sell fake memory card

  9. Scot Cavin Scot Cavin June 21, 2017

    I Bought from jumia and it was seriously fake. They quickly returned my money without any questions which means they already know it was a fake card.

  10. Lorenzo Lorenzo June 21, 2017

    This will really help. At least one can now differentiate between the two (original and fake)

  11. Lekan Lekan June 21, 2017

    Lol I wish the sellers can allow one to do the verification before paying

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