How To Subscribe For Glo Old Data Plans

Glo, the grandmaster of data plan, recently slashed and reduced their heavy data plans which is not users friendly. The sudden change of the Glo normal data plans had caused many users confused with a lot of questions but this is not the time to ask as new system or method to subscribe for Glo Data Plans are now revealed and still better for only Glo Data consumers who sticks to their network.

In this article, you will learn how to easily subscribe for Glo old data plans without activating the current data plans because the Glo old Data Plans are more cheaper and affordable than the current plans.

How To Subscribe For Glo Old Data Plans

  • Try to subscribe for any Glo Data Plans of your choice e.g 1,000naira for 1.6GB
  • Then, if you want to subscribe to the Glo Data Plan, you should just set autorenewal by sending ACCEPT to 127.
  • So, immediately the subscription expires, it will automatically renew your plan by activating 1,000naira for 3.2GB automatically.
  • Keep on renewing it and don’t let your subscription pass 3 days of the expiration date without reactivating the subscription.

This is a new method and system to subscribe for Glo old data plans and it’s very cheap and affordable with longer volume of data for consumption.

Is it helpful? If you have any question, kindly ask and if it works for you, kindly share your experience!

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    Thanks for the update bozz of blog

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    thanks for the update. still enjoying 0.0kb.
    give that x2 freedom. has it not served you enough? “e Dan work e money”

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    NYC update,tanx 4 d reminder

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    Helpful. Thanks for the guide Prex.

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    what are the effects of Android widget on battery depletion?

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    Thanks for this update

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    Admin am having upto 1.3gb on my sim now can i still subscribe and get upto 3.2gb

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    Nice one

    Nice article

    How to get 600mb for free on airtel

  10. Widgets drains battery because sometimes they run on background

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    they are really cool. there's KJV Bible with its widget. it displays texts every one hour and also an app called ampere. if you insert charger, it will display the current flowing. you can use that to distinguish fake or original chargers

    • Prince
    • May 1, 2017

    Like seriously

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    Bloggers are too genius to discover this…helpfull update

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    Precious did you actually try this method out? What I mean is that did you purchase data of 1.6GB for 1k and then try and renew

  14. Yea….I have tried it and it worked.

  15. wow dats cool

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