We have the Face Unlock and the Fingerprint Scanner features, but in this particular case, I am presenting the Voice Unlock. With just your your voice, your locked phone would get unlocked without typing in your password.

The speed of the Voice Unlock can probably be measured to be up to 0.1 second. Very fast and accurate, depending on the time your voice is being recognized by the system or technology.

The Voice Unlock feature are assisted by Google Assistant feature with artificial intelligence and Smart Unlock. You don't need an app though, because the features are present on almost all Android phones running on Android 5 Lollipop and above.

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Before we dive into the article, you would have to know about Google Assistant and Smart Unlock features. However, Google Assistant is a feature that helps you navigate easily through your phone with just your voice command. While, Smart Unlock is also a wonderful feature that helps you unlock your smartphone in wonderful ways.

How can I unlock my phone with just a voice?

  1. It's simple and easy, go to your Phone Settings and scroll down and tap on "Security".

  1. Now, on the page, set a screen unlock for your phone (it can be password, pattern, pin...), and tap on "Smart Lock".

  1. Choose the "Voice Match" option and toggle on the "Unlock with Voice Match" in Google Assistant and also toggle on the "OK Google" and train your voice.

  1. Now, when your phone is locked, you can just say "OK Google" or "Hey Google" and your phone will automatically get unlocked.

Isn't that awesome? Moreover, Smart Unlock also provide more ways in which you can unlock your phone, and they are:

On-body Detection: This feature detects when your phone is on you and automatically, it unlock the phone. Just unlock once and your device stays unlocked as long as in it's in motion, like when you are holding or carrying your device. Your device will lock when it detects that it's been set down.

Trusted Places: You can set a safe place by turning on your GPS, that when the device is in that location, it automatically get unlocked. This can be helpful when you mainly browse in a specific location.

Trusted Device: This feature is helpful as you can set a trusted device that when your phone gets closer to the device, it automatically gets unlocked. It can be your car Bluetooth system or other devices.

Trusted Faces: Don't be confused, this feature is not for security like the Face ID feature you know. It can be fooled easily. Someone who looks like you can unlock your phone, like an identical twins or even your Facebook photos or passports. It's recommended you use a password or pattern for security. The feature can be activated by scanning your face with your phone's frontal camera and voila! You have unlocked your phone.

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In conclusion, how do you feel using your voice to unlock your phone? Share your experience!

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