How to Watch 3 or 4 Videos at The Same Time on Android Device

Watching video is another way to have fun with your smartphone especially long movies, it depends on your choice but you must at least watch videos either from social media or from your media player.

Google has released a new feature on Android 7 Nougat that allows you split your screen to perform easy multitasking and can also allow you watch only 2 videos but with this tutorial, you will be able to watch more multiple videos at the same time on your Android.

We are making use of an app called “Multiple Videos at the same time“. This app will allow you perform the task easily without any obstruction.

Where to download the application

You can download the “Multiple Videos at the same time” app on playstore by clicking here. Open the app, and it will divide your phone screen into four segments, click the + plus sign to add videos to the four segments and the X sign to remove videos.

How do you see this feature from this app?


  1. Microsoft Have Started Pushing out Cortana's Integration with Skype.
    Microsoft has announced that their virtual assistant Cortana's integration with Skype has been made live – the feature has just started just rolling out on both Android and iOS.
    Cortana in Skype will help you in a couple of ways. number one, its in-context assistance will make sure you get useful suggestions based on what you are chatting about with the other person.
    Given an example, Cortana can give you restaurant options, movie reviews, and even smart reply suggestions. It can also schedule events and set reminders.
    Secondly, you'll also be able to have one-on-one chats with Cortana, as the assistant is now also a contact in Skype. “Get answers to your burning questions, like the name of the lead actor in your favorite movie or what the weather outlook is for the weekend,” Microsoft explains.
    You can also ask Cortana to check your flight status, give you a stock quote, or suggest the best restaurants in your area.
    The integration is currently only live in the United States. There's currently no information on when other markets will get it.

  2. Investigate these applications in your Google play store and begin making much all the more engaging recordings today.
    Add more life and shading to your loved minutes with versatile video altering applications. (Youtube)
    Life is a motion picture an adage goes yet better altering of the film or video scenes make our lives much more fun.
    Altering recordings can be an overwhelming undertaking. Ask the experts. However engineers have been sufficiently thoughtful to make various video altering applications to assist with the minutes caught with our cell phones, which wouldn't see any problems little or major tweaking to draw out the best of the chronicle.
    For the non-proficient non-editors here are sans five video altering applications you ought to thoroughly look at today to include more life, shading and start to your prized video caught minutes.
    With this application programming, you can without much of a stretch gloat of being a star at video altering. Filmora's neighborly UI will simply get you. You can do stuff like make slideshows of pictures, include some ambient melodies, trim, blend and turn recordings. Enhancements, for example, overlays, channel and title impacts are available to you.
    1) Get Filomra Go on Android 4.2 or higher. It is likewise accessible on IoS.
    2) Quik made by Go Star is reallygreat: By simply choosing effectively taken pictures and recordings from your media library, Quik gives you the choice to mastermind the stream of your recording and consolidate it into a video with free soundtracks you can browse, include change impacts and channels. Every video can be altered to your taste, drawing out the imaginative you. Likewise you can spare your recordings in 1080p or abandon it at default. at no cost. Go on and give it a shot.
    Quik is accessible on Android 4.4 gadgets and higher, and on iOS.
    This offers a quite progressed yet simple to get a handle on client encounter.
    3) Kine Ace has a full multi-track timetable with simplified component to import diverse media record sorts.
    You can include voice-overs, messages and change impacts on here too to upgrade your video quality. One of the energizing highlights of this application is the means by which it gives you capacity to run numerous video layers so you can have some control to chip away at different video and sound clasps.
    Look at Kine Producer for all the more stunning alternatives. Free with advertisements, Kine Creator is accessible on Android 4.3 and higher.
    4) Funimate: With Funimate you get upwards of 30 visual impacts to play with and change into an otherworldly composition slideshow. The catch on this one is the clever perky impacts to browse. With Funimate, you record may takes and flavor it up with innovative fun impacts. Get this one on Android 4.4. or, on the other hand higher.
    5) VIVA VIDEO:There is additionally Viva Video which changes your foreign pictures into a slideshow film. You can include moderate or quick movement impacts, channels and substantially more. Imparting to loved ones is simple peasy.
    The free form accompanies a watermark for each altered video, and constrained time to record.
    Experiment with these video altering applications, influence the best of the interactive media to involvement. they must offer.

  3. Are you sure this will not affect the phone's speaker? Because playing four videos at the same time all relying on a single speaker doesn't like a good play with the phone. Although I normally make use of the nougat split screen feature for browsing and watching movies but playing 4 videos at the same time seems like a risk to me

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