Important things to do before your phone gets snatched or damaged

When you get or purchase a new smartphone, there are certain things to do in order to protect the information on the phone.

In an instance, whereby your phone got snatched or just fell inside hot water? There are certain questions you should ask yourself when you newly gets a new smartphone and they are:

  1. What will I miss if my phone gets lost?
  2. What will happen to my contacts?
  3. What sensitive information is supposed to be private that are saved on my phone and the implication of such information being made public?
  4. What will happen to my files and contents on the phone?
  5. What will happen to my SIM card?
  6. What happen next if I lose my phone?

These are the type of questions we should always try to ask ourselves daily because anything can make us lose our mobile phones; accident, hazard, thieves, spoilage e.t.c.

What happen next it you lose your phone, is by performing some tasks before you lose it. So, let’s see the tasks.

REGULAR BACKUP: You can use any reputable cloud storage to backup your files because it’s when we have lost our phones that we usually realize the important information we’ve lost. So, backup important files in case it is lost. Try to also do SIM backup in order to retrieve all contacts saved onto your SIM card.

ALWAYS THINK SECURITY: Be conscious of security in anything you do with your mobile phone, be wise. Be careful of how you save contacts, videos, notes you made with your phone, the private chats and the voice recorded. Is your BVN stored on your phone, the explicit pictures you took while in the bathroom? Kindly be conscious of them because once the phone is stolen, the information becomes unsafe.

PHONE IMEI: Phone IMEI are very important numbers which supposed to be kept tightly in safe place because you can use it to retrieve your stolen phone or can even decides to damage the phone in the hands of the thieves. But a lot of people neglect it probably, they don’t know the use. However, kindly dial *#06# to get your phone IMEI number.

PROPER SIM CARD REGISTERATION: One important reason why some people cry bitterly or start sharing stories that touches the heart when their phone is stolen, is the SIM card. If SIMs are not properly registered, retrieving the line might be impossible. How exactly would you feel if you lose your phone and can’t retrieve the SIM forever? So, painful!

I guess you will surely cry like this once your phone gets stolen without saved information
I guess you will surely cry like this once your phone gets stolen without saved information


Always do proper checkup on the valuable contents on your phone and to keep them safe. Some people might cry uncontrollably for their stolen phone but the cry sometimes is mainly for the lost information on the phone, not for the money to get another phone. So, keep your information safe.

How do you feel when your phone gets stolen?


  1. What a heart touching article, hmm!! This things are really very important.. Mostly those of us that do snap half nakedness, without any privacy especially our sisters , we have to do the necessary things before anything happens, thanks God that Google has made it cloud for us to save some of our necessary files. And I do take backup with different apps like Mega, Titanium backup and extra memory card for my important files. Though I have never lost my phone and I don’t pray for that.. I urge everyone to be safe and do this necessary action at the right time ⌚.

  2. Hahahahaha admin u are kinder funny ooo, that imei part is what the security in my school Have been tell us to copy down in case our phones is stolen as they will use it to search for the phone, thanks for all this tips

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