Are you looking for a hosting website that will offer everything on its server for free? InfinityFree is your answer because they offers everything, including HTTPS for free.

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I was making a huge research on the website that offers the best free hosting server, and I could find out it was InfinityFree. This was known after making an explicit comparison between Bytehost, Hostinger and InfinityFree hosting provider's services.

Infinityfree has been providing free hosting server for more than 200,000 people in over 6 years till date.

And they offers:

1. Free Unlimited Disk Space

You have an unlimited storage space to store your files. Disk space is actually the amount of data you can store on your server. So, you don't have to worry about your server space anymore.

2. Free Unlimited Bandwidth

You can literally have unlimited traffics on your website without paying a dime. Bandwidth is the amount of data that can be transmitted in a fixed amount of time. With unlimited bandwidth, your free hosted website will provide high ultra speed, especially if you optimize it.

3. Free 10 Email Accounts

You can have up to 10 email accounts on your free hosted website. Which free server do you think can offer up to that amount? None, of course.

4. Free Custom Domain

You can bring in your custom domain for free. I mean the domain you purchased from other domain providers. Which hosting provider can actually beat that? And moreover, if you don't have a custom domain, you will get a free sub domain assigned to your website.

5. No Forced Ads

No advertisements will be placed on your blog, and you don't have to upgrade to get anything removed. You are free to monetize your blog or website.

6. Free Cloudfare CDN and SSL

Infinityfree offers "the fastest free hosting". Do you know why? Is because it uses one of the most trusted free Content Delivery Network (CDN) called "Cloudfare" to provide information to users nearest to your location, and to optimize your website. Additionally, you get free SSL or HTTPS for secure connection.

7. Free Softaculous Script Installer

With just one click, you can install over 400 scripts, applications and CMS, like WordPress, Drupal, Joomla, Ghost, MyBB or PrestaShop. It's available for free and no hassle when installing any of the softwares.

8. Free Latest PHP Version Selection

You can switch to the latest PHP version on your website without paying a dime. There are latest PHP versions like 5.4, 5.5, 5.6 and 7.0 for extra speed and performance.

9. Free 400 MYSQL Database

You don't get this aspect unlimitedly. You have the freedom to create 400 MYSQL database on your website.

10. Free 30,019 Inodes

This is the amount of files and directories on your server. You have enough to keep your website performance.


• 99.9% uptime
• Apache 2.4 with .htaccess
• Free DNS service
• Linus 3.2

InfinityFree provides a reliable free hosting services for those who are not well endowed with money. You can use the website to build your blog for free and when money starts coming in, you can decides to add more resources as you grow.

One of the best promises they made is that they will keep on monetizing from their website than on customer's free created website. That's a real heavy promise to darn and stitch the notion of believing they are there for trials or demo and all other stuffs. It's actually free and forever they promised.

How to get started with InfinityFree

  1. Go to their website at
  2. Register and create a new website in the dashboard.
  3. Then, use the Softaculous app to install your software like WordPress, PHPBB or others.
  4. Now, your site is ready!

Your website is ready

In conclusion, you have access to everything for free on InfinityFree hosting server. One thing to consider while hosting a website is a reliable web hosting provider that won't fail you in one time and the other, which you currently have here.

Least I forgot, you should also consider your income. How often do you receive money from your website? If you do receive low amount, you can consider using InfinityFree hosting server to boost up, and when you have make up the money. Then, you can decide to add more resources with their premium hosting to go into production.

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Have you ever used the host? How was it? Kindly share your experience in the comment section below.

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