Infinix Hot 4 Explodes On A Lady’s Pocket, Causes Burns On Her Leg While Sweeping

Infinix Hot 4 X557 reportedly explode and causes burns on a Lady’s leg through her pocket. This was reported by Facebook user called Mimi Hillz as she claimed that her neighbour’s leg got burnt after an Infinix Hot 4 Phone exploded inside her pocket while she was sweeping.

See her statement below;

“Infinix hot 4 exploded live in our compound this morning the phone was in her pocket while she was sweeping then exploded Thanks to God Almighty a life was saved today  #INFINIXHOT4”

Hmm, I hope this is not yet another Samsung Note 7?


  1. not strange to me, well it was cause because of the overheating in her pocket while sleeping, most phones that exploded this year[vivo 5, galaxy note7 and now is hot4 which are in built battery people most maintain their phone from harm like this …nice update

  2. God'spower it didn't happen while she was sleeping but it happened while she was sweeping. what could cause over heating? over heating of what?

  3. it depends on what she was wearing most clothes nowadays are made of rubber that air can't pass through and i think the phone started overheat before, people should all ways observe they devices

  4. It is not overheating my pple.most phone manufacturer make mistake…d phone + and – terminar are sum hw coliding wit each other…dats wat wil cus d burn…when both meet wit d phone battery very full….can cause d phone 2 nt mainly overheating

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