Instagram Standalone Messaging App Called “Direct” is currently on testing

If you are an avid or frequent Instagram user, you would notice the messaging feature called “Direct“, the app is currently on testing. 

Messenger app was separated from the main Facebook which made a lot of people to complain but this time, Instagram is considering the same thing. In fact, the Instagram messaging inbox called “Direct” is currently on testing. The app replaces Instagram messaging inbox and build an experience around it. For now, the app is available to few countries and would be available to everyone soon.

Direct opens to the camera, but you can swipe over to the messaging inbox. The camera interface in Direct comes with four excellent photo and video filters (not found in main Instagram app). Users will decide how much they want those filters and installing of Direct app, means the main Instagram messaging disappears form the main app.

Splitting an app functionality is not cool. We hope the Direct app gets better like that of Facebook Messenger. However, Chile, Uruguay, Italy, Israel, Turkey and Portugal can download the Direct app on iOS and Android.

For now, you can view the app on playstore via here or, you can download or install the app via APK mirror.

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