My name is Prosper noah. The Internet Cafe is a good place to be. Especially when looking for where to browse the Internet when you don’t have a connectivity right in your home. But you’d agree with me that the Internet cafe is not 100% safe for your information.

Now see what I mean;

Do you know that Public Computers stores your data i.e. Your passwords whenever you login using it?. There are at times that even when you refuse to save password at prompt it still stores your information.

Now let me explain how to you. But before I do that, let me highlight some advantages of surfing the Internet in Cyber Cafes.
**Advantages of Internet Cafes

Below are somethings you should consider.

1. Comfort Ability: Internet Cafes can be cool when it comes to making a customer comfortable. Most even make coffees for their customers. Internet Cafes tend to be more quiet as compared to your home because of the need for focus. No one wants to be disturbed and at so; everyone is quiet during surfing. So at Internet Cafes, you tend to meet comfortability and or convenience. Though Not all internet Cafes can keep to this criteria.

2. Cost: The Price of Internet Cafes is affordable and apart from that, you should download as much files as you wish. Which would not be a good Idea at all when using your Personal Laptop Subscription Plan.

3. Connecting with Friends: It is not everyone who would like the idea of browsing using his or her laptop all alone at home. One Advantage of using Internet Cafes is that it allows you meet new people who might be interested in what you do. Most people come to the internet cafes to browse mainly on some Topics. This can be related to what you also came to search for and this connects the both of you. Thereby, allowing you make a new friend.

So above are just three Advantages of Internet Cafes. Back to the Main Purpose of this Post.

Internet Cafes Privacy Issues : Secure your Privacy 100%

While Internet Cafes maybe ok for Surfing the Internet there are also some things you need to take note seriously to Secure your Privacy.

Below am going to show you some things you don’t know about Internet Cafes which may alter your Privacy and how to secure your privacy 100%. They include;

  • How your Information can be stored on the computer for Long.
  • How you can make the browsers not to save your passwords.
  • How you can always be Sure your privacy is Maintained 100% after Browsing.

How your Information can be stored on the computer for Long

Many people use the Internet Cafe for business stuffs which is not too ideal. This is because there is a feature that stores whatever you  do in a browser. thereby leaving all information such as sites you browsed, what you searched for on Google and so on.  It is always advisable before you leave the Internet Cafe to secure 40% of your Privacy, you should always try to clear your browsing history.

For most of the popular browsers such as Google Chrome and or Firefox, the history tab is mostly located at the Top right.

How you can make the browsers not to save your passwords

In this case, there are some websites you visit which requires you to login your details such as Facebook, Gmail, Yahoo Mail and lots more. Whenever you login. It would likely bring up a prompt similar to the one below asking if you want to “save the password for this Website” or not. Kindly make sure you choose no.

What happens when I chose Yes or No?

If you choose No, then you’ve prevented the browser from saving your password. But if you choose Yes, it means you’ve said the password for that site. Not just the site alone, also to the browser. What this means is that anyone can easily  login to your Account without having to put the Password.

Also Note below seriously;

It is true that all password field are asterisks which no one can copy and or read. But When you choose Yes you automatically give room to hackers; those who can steal your passwords easily. While accessing some places from your browser some hackers can easily show your passwords and I will tell you how they are able to do this below.

In browsers like Google Chrome there is a place where you can view all the passwords you have saved. All they need do is;

  • Go to Settings
  • Click on Advanced Settings
  • Manage Passwords

In the Manage passwords section, they can be able to view all usernames and passwords saved in that Browser.

The same goes with Firefox Browser.

Below is how they get all the password and username that you have saved in firefox browser.They simply

  • Go to Options from the top right Bar
  • Click on Security
  • Select Show Passwords

and all the passwords saved on that firefox browser appears automatically as seen below image.

So it is recommended you always check this before you leave the Internet Cafe. This secures your Privacy by 75%.

Here is the catch;

Chrome can Automatically Save your Passwords without your Consent

If you really want to be secure your Internet Cafe Privacy till 100% then you need to take note of this little secret which many people are not aware of (only the geeks).

Do you know that a person can set Google Chrome Browser to automatically save your passwords without your consent? This may be due to the fact that he or she wants to get your password without your consent.

But there is a way to notice this quickly. The best way to notice this is when you login to a website e.g. facebook or gmail  and it refuses to ask if you want to save your password or not.

Now let me show you without wasting much of your precious time.

How Chrome can be set to Automatically Save your Passwords/Username on Chrome

The above can be done easily by;

  • Visiting chrome://flags
  • Search for Password using Ctrl + F from your Keyboard
  • Click on Save Passwords Automatically and click enable

So when you enable this, Chrome would save all Password and Usernames on that Browser automatically. Which you can later view using the settings >> manage passwords >> View Password method as highlighted above.

They can use this means to steal all passwords in that Internet Cafe.

So it is always recommend you check all the tips listed here to Secure your Internet Cafe Privacy 100%.

This article was written by Prosper Noah, the CEO of He is a professional tech blogger who blogs about web tutorials, SEO TIPS, and many others.

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