Airtel officials from India, Telecom major Bharti Airtel announced on April 13th to offer free 30GB of data to any of their customers who upgrade from 2G or 3G handsets to 4G smartphones.

Prepaid customers will get 1GB daily till 30 days while Postpaid will get the same amount of data with rollover in their first bill cycle apart from their plan benefits.

In my opinion, why is it that Airtel Nigeria offers only 4GB data when you upgrade to their 4G LTE network with a 4G smartphone, while Bharti Airtel offers whooping 30GB free data? We know Airtel Africa is a holding and subsidiary company of Indian telecommunications company Bharti Airtel but we Nigerians also deserves those affordable and free data.

This looks exactly like a cheat and we won’t continue to agree to this operation and this is not the first or second times they have been sharing free data to those countries or what’s your say?

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Precious Agbontan

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