Hello best commentators, I love your handwork in promoting Prexblog even till today and you guys are still promoting us higher than this level which I always have to appreciate depending on the time I feel like. However, prexblog is a technology blog that deals with anything related to Technology.

Now, let’s go to the point. Rewarding of best commentators was brought to me by one of my readers and I decided to put it into reality because I found out that it was a nice idea but rewarding in monthly basis wasn’t the way it goes, just that I was trying to figure out a new system to help readers enjoy from their comments. In this case, best commentators is not a way I use in promoting my blog at all.

So, you should however know that prexblog best commenting competition is a game and anybody who win will surely win and he who lose will surely lose for that month. The person has to start again next month even if you are my brother or closest friend because we are into business likely known as Game.

How To Win The Best Commentators Competition

In commenting, your type of comment determine how you will win and there are three main forms of commenting; High, Average and Poor comment. I don’t reward based on numbers of comments but by the quality comments of a user.

  1. Your comment should be only 1 in a post and if is more than one, they should be for helping other visitors. Otherwise, it’s called spam.
  2. Your comment should correspond and correlate with the topic even if is very short.
  3. Your comment should attract other visitors to comment.
  4. Comment regularly on articles of prexblog and it shouldn’t be more more than 1 comment on a post.
  5. Do not use ANNONYMOUS or UNKNOWN to comment, use your name.

Example of the type of comment I love is in this form below;

Title: How To Upgrade To Nougat Version On All Android Smartphones

Comment: Upgrading to Nougat is a very good and wonderful improvement and my Infinix Hot 2 also needs an upgrade in order for me to enjoy the amazing offer and features of the new operating system. How should I?

About Prexblog Best Commentator Feature

This feature had been in existence from the origin of prexblog and many prexbloggers can attest that prexblog.com was one of the first blog in Nigeria to reward their users based on their content of comments and this has been going and working out for our readers.

Nevertheless, when my Adsense is fully ready, I will change the system of the best commentators and start giving out a PHONE.

Best commentator is a game, you win or lose …is your work that determines how you win. Don’t take it personal. Am not doing it to promote my blog but to improve the comment system.

Thanks and keep blazing like fire….

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