Know how to Retrieve your MTN backup contact number (Phone and SIM)

Have you lost, mistakenly broke or misplaced your smartphone along with your SIM in one way and the other, and needs to backup the contact numbers? You are definitely in the right place. 

This article will enlighten you on the right procedure to follow in order to retrieve the SIM contact numbers for both phone and SIM, that’s if you have already backed it up before the phone got missing.

There are ways that can leads you in misplacing your contact numbers; you might have misplaced or lost the SIM, the SIM might have been stolen or spoilt but is an excruciating pain to lost a full contact numbers of your relatives and colleagues numbers with it. This article will be addressing that issue on “how to retrieve your MTN backup mobile contacts”.

Backing up your MTN is like uploading your SIM contacts to the internet, where it cannot be touched by anyone and is very secured. 

However, MTN backup allows you to store up to 200 phone contacts and over 5,000 phone contacts in their database and it works on the enumerated phones: LG, Motorola, Blackberry, Alcatel, Arima, Panasonic, Sagem (Infinix), Simbit, Sony Ericsson, Vertu, ZTE, HTC, Window phones, Sanyo, Samsung, BenQ, Siemens, Android phones, Nokia (capable of browsing the internet) and Tecno (capable of browsing the internet). In fact, it works on all phone types but you should also take note that Windows SIM can only backup SIM contacts not phone contacts.

How to Retrieve MTN Backup Mobile Contacts

  • Firstly, text “START” to 307
  • Then, go to SIM menu (MTN service) on your phone, available on the MTN 128K SIM.


  • Go to your device and locate where your backup was done.
  • Follow the instruction and at the end of the operation, MTN will send you a message notifying you that your back up was successful.

With this steps, you will have no worry if your SIM gets lost and you always have the full freedom in retrieving them back to your phone.

What’s the cost?

Automatic Backup happens every 2 weeks (14 days). New customers pay N100 at the beginning and then N50 every 2 weeks, while existing customers pay just N50 every 2 weeks. (Costs apply regardless of the number of contacts backed up).

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