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Know How To Stream Videos From Phone To PlayStation 4

It’s possible! You can stream your phone videos via your PlayStation PS4 and as well, perform other stuffs: playing phone games via PS4, stream video contents on PS4 e.t.c.

Having a large screen with Full HD screen cannot still be compared with a fully built screen that serves a specific purpose. No matter how your phone screen might be large, is still not match for a large screen TV when it comes to quality video experience and graphics.

It’s clear or obvious that those who own a Chromecast can watch videos through their phone to TV using that medium but have you tried using phone to connect PS4 directly to watch videos via your TV? In this article, you will be provided with the tutorial on how to make these possible in few minutes.

How To Stream Video Contents From Phone To PlayStation 4 (PS4)

  • Download, install and launch this app called Pixel Media Server.
  • Give a name to your device by tapping on “DNS Name” and tap on “Share folder” to select which folder you want to share.
  • Now, tap on “Play” button to start the Pixel Media Server and switch on your PS4 (ensure is on same Wi-Fi network as your Android smartphone).
  • Open the Media player on your PS4 and select “Pixel Media server drive” and finally, navigate or locate the folders to select your preferred videos, musics, and photos from your phone.

Things brought easy. Stream videos via your PS4 and enjoy quality video with good graphics.

Encounter any problems or issues? Drop your questions below and if you found this helpful, do not hesitate to share your experience!


  1. Bright Bright July 17, 2017

    I don't own one. but it will surely come in handy some day. perhaps I won't be bothering about ps4 but ps6 or ps7 cuZ I don't plan on owning any of the PlayStation now

  2. Sir Mike Sir Mike July 17, 2017

    I don't have PS4 so this really for guys who got one

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