Know If Your Phone Supports Android 7.0 Nougat And Upgrade Now!

Is your mobile phone still running on lower operating system like Ice-cream, gingerbread, KitKat, Lollipop and Marshmallow while your mate are already running Android 7.0 Nougat? Hmm, is not proper because new OS (operating system) has alot of works to perform on your Android smartphone such as fixing bugs, adding more pre-installed useful apps to your mobile phone, reduce lagging and most importantly, increase your speed and performance.

I hope you know Android 8.0 rumoured to be called OREO is still coming and knocking with wonderful features on more perfect smartphones? So, it’s not a good idea still allowing your mobile phone to run on lower version when it has the ability to upgrade.

So, if your mobile phone supports Android 7.0 Nougat and you are unable to upgrade to the version, you should kindly drop the problem you are currently facing below in the comment system. Not only that, you can also drop your phone details below to know if your smartphone supports the latest Android 7.0 Nougat update.

Start dropping…


  1. Don't even see Notification don't know Y anyway infinix hot2 dat come with Loliopo v5.1 later get der Notification to upgrade to maslow v6.0 but now no Notification HeeeLp!!

  2. Prexblog,Iam already having the nougat update on my infinix note 3 but before I update, I decided to log into the infinix X club to check the experience of those that have updated,I was surprised at the ugly experience of many that have updated to nougat 7.0.I read about hundred comments, all of them, despite the fact that they received the update through their system update and downloaded via OTA, complained bitterly about their phones becoming malfunction and being infested by lots of bugs after the upgrade to nougat.These series of complaints has dissuaded me from upgrading though Iam still having the update on my system update but I don't know what to do.Some people complained of downloading for 3days(the update is about 1.500mb),some complained of their phone rebooting every minutes and the battery draining fast after they installed the update. Some complained of the update not installing after they have downloaded for 3days etc,etc.Please prexblog what should I do?.Some of the phones were not even infinix.

  3. how can I update my Vodafone smart prime 6,is it true OTA update,cause I have not received any notification or is it with a custom ROM if that is the case can you put up a link to download it,please.

  4. You guys have been doing a very Good job here. Thank you…
    About the upgrade can htc one mini and infinix hote note be ugraded to a higher version.

  5. I was using 6.0 but the phone keeps hanging I had to downgraded the version to 5.10 to solve it. I don't know what I'd face if i upgrade it to 7.0 do u advice me to do it

  6. Nougat 7.0 contains lots of bugs and I think the manufacturers who are releasing this updates should fix the bugs before release. For instance,I have upgraded my infinix note3 to nougat 7.0,via of the major bugs I encountered was that the provision to move apps to SD card has disappeared, likewise I tried formatting my SD card as internal memory but doesn't work. I have tried so many apps2sdcard apps including apk editor pro etc but none of them work and Iam having an original 64gb SD card on my phone.My internal memory is almost full.Prexblog can you help me out?

  7. I have never meet Tecno phones before, now i’m in Nigeria and i need to buy Tecno W4 for work as a secondary phone. Best prices i found here: for the moment prices are under N30,000 But i need some information about problems with this model? If there are owners of Tecno phones could you give me some advices?What about update?

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  9. is the Nougat update available for Infinix Hot 4 Pro OTA or through external download..because it was supposed to be released 20th July…

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