Konga plans merger with Yudala to bring back profitability in the company

Konga, the e-commerce recently acquired by Zinox Group, plans merger with Yudala – one of the best and trusted online shopping store in Nigeria, this month after appointing Nick Mudia – Former Vice President of Nokia, as the CEO.

The move is to bring Konga back to profitability, to build a strong brand and to attain market leadership in the e-commerce industry. And also, the industry watchers observed that the merger between Konga and Yudala, will be a potential game-changer in the country.

According to them, combined strengths of Konga and Yudala will improve customers experience by expanding access to a wider range of products, services and solutions to Nigeria.

Both brands would have benefits. Konga will leverage Yudala’s physical stores to deliver a unique shopping experience to Nigerians, while Yudala will benefit from the Konga’s massive online subscribers to market its products.

What’s your say about this? Do you think Konga will succeed easily by merging with Yudala?


  1. This is very interesting. It’s good to see the new owners thinking different on how to ressurect konga. Hopefully it yeilds Something fruitful

  2. This just the beginning, and the man is really trying to resurrect the deceased Konga, this will go well by God grace, wish him best of luck.

  3. This is a good news to hear from them according to the adage they say “2 head is better than 1″they should keep up the good work.

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