Largest so far! Integral 512GB Micro SD card has been manufactured

The largest was 400GB memory card made by SanDisk but has been overtaken by new Integral MicroSD card which packs a whooping 512GB of storage (half a terabyte) in a tiny chip.

It was reported that the memory card would run a processing speed up to 80MB/s but the 400GB Micro SD card runs up to 100MB/s. So, the 512GB is a bit slow.

It’s designed to capture full HD video off cameras because it meets the V10 standard for video transfer rates and is classified as SDXC UHS-I U1 card I.e it has minimum write speed of 10MB/s.

Nevertheless, the announce date hasn’t been revealed yet but is going to be launched and available in the open market around sometimes February.

What’s your say?


  1. Amazing and awwwwwwsome! An incredible memory card with huge space! So lovely! How i wish i can get one.. It’s very portable. Thank you!

  2. Seriously ! That is the most largest now.. Huuuh.., interesting stuff.. Very appreciating info.. Okay Thanks for the info boss! I like the one before this new one.

  3. That’s interesting! Wondering how could I get even the first one that was launched. It’s a massive huge memory SD card. Thanks a lot for the info.

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