Last seen activity status for your friend now added to Instagram

Since Instagram secretly but not officially, released or launched the “Direct” app mainly used for chatting with Instagram friends, there have not been much important feature added but now, the activity status of your friend can now be revealed.

The activity status is like “Active Now” below user’s name, if the user is browsing Instagram at that moment and a certain time ago, if the user is away from Instagram. 

Nevertheless, this feature is currently only working for some people, it seems the feature is on test but many users have attest to it. The feature works on both Android and iOS Instagram Direct app. Meanwhile, you can also disable the “activity” feature. 

Just like Facebook and Messenger apps, Instagram direct message system was reported to be split into two separate apps and I think this might be an effort towards that. What’s your say?


  1. That’s a great feature on Instagram.. Okay let me keep on refreshing till I get the feature too.
    Thanks for the info…

  2. That’s cool feature! We guys love the feature newly added to Instagram.. We keep on hoping for more and more By God grace.

  3. Thanks a lot for always keeping us updated. This will make it awesome to all users of Instagram. It’s really awesome.

  4. Certain things make Instagram unique. Take those things away nd you make the app common. Thank God it has son nd off switch

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