Make Your Blog Faster with these 10 Free AMP Templates

Make your blog responsive, fast and mobile friendly using AMP (Accelerated mobile pages) templates. It’s light and simple on mobile and desktop view. AMP is a new project by Google to make mobile browsing simple, fast and easy. If you do a check on some mobile template, you would discover that they are not mobile friendly but data consuming which might sometimes increase bounce rate or annoy some visitors and that obviously showed the lost of subscribers and users of a blog.

Another reason why I love AMP (Accelerated mobile pages) is that it boost search ranking to at least 70% and make your blog load extremely fast, probably in a second. So, that’s the reason I will list out best already-made AMP templates for blogger in this article. Meanwhile, you can also set it up manually on your blog i.e if you don’t want to change your present blog template, learn via AMP here.

Best 10 AMP Templates for Blogger

1. MDCAMP AMP Blogger Template:

This is template is well optimized, extremely fast and simple. It’s good in search engine ranking because of the SEO settings it contains. It has DISQUS COMMENT system and two column layouts so you can use many widgets on sidebar to get attention easily. It has search and clean menu bar for easier navigation.


2. SINILADOM AMP Blogger Template:

Sinaldom AMP template is a free AMP powered blogger template with two layouts for more desirable widget to be attached. It is mobile friendly, Adsense friendly, responsive, speed in loading and will definitely increase page speed when checked.


3. VLETTERS AMP Blogger Template:

Vletters AMP template is highly customizable, Adsense friendly, and beautiful. It is SEO optimized and simple to use. You can check the live demo below to see some classics features of the template.



AMPNEWS is a modern template for News and magazine niche blogs with different classic features. It is mobile friendly, SEO optimized and easily customizable, clean navigation and available empty widgets to place ADs.


5. Kompi AMP Blogger Template:

Kompi is a stylish and powerful blogger template with a lots of features. It is made of Bootstrap, which is the most popular front-end framework. The template is SEO friendly, Adsense friendly, Mobile friendly and well or highly customizable.


6. AMPHTML Blogger Template: 

AMPHTML is a customizable and responsive template for bloggers who want to make their blog beautiful. It has all the features needed to boost your search ranking: Mobile friendly, Light and Fast in loading, Displays ”AMP” in search engine, Adsense friendly, and SEO optimized. It has two layouts with left-side bar which looks pretty decent.


7. BLANTERDE Blogger Template:

Blanterde is a beautiful and AMP powered template with exclusive features and design. It has two column and very light in loading, which will definitely increase your search engine ranking and appearance because is SEO optimized.


8. DROIDBUZZ Blogger Template:

Droidbuzz template is a high quality and AMP powered template. It’s two column based template with many other inbuilt features such as: Search, Newsletter and many others. It’s stylish and light to increase search ranking in SERP.


9. BlogAMP Blogger Template:

BlogAMP is a free and highly customizable template. This means that you can add widgets and edit sidebar and any other things. Is very fast and simple in loading. Well SEO optimized and responsive.


10. Materi AMP Blogger Template:

Materi is a stylish designed template and responsive AMP powered blogger template. It has two column layouts and has many stylish effects. It has many inbuilt widget like Back to top, popular post, search and many others.


These templates listed above are classic and perfectly designed for bloggers who need a fast loading AMP powered template for his or her blogger blog. They are all SEO optimized, Mobile friendly, well edited, clean navigation and stylish effects added. You can pick any of the template and use on your blog for Free.

Benefits of AMP Powered Template

  1. Increase website loading speed.
  2. Decrease bounce rates.
  3. Improve users experience.
  4. Tagged ‘AMP’ on search engine signalling that the blog is fast and users prefer the blog with ‘AMP’ tag.
  5. Improve SEO.
  6. And many others…

Is it helpful? Encounter any problem? ask questions and if it works for you, kindly share your experience!


  1. WordPress is coded in PHP script while Blogger templates are coded in XHTML. WordPress theme is not a single file like the Blogger XML template file where almost everything is embeded inside a single editor. WP uses PHP functions to combine different sections of the blog and load content dynamically. There are different files for plugins, theme styles and for the DOM itself. So there is no such tool which can merge all these files into a single XML file.

    You can only make a clone of the WordPress Theme stylesheet and HTML structure and that is what Template designers do. They copy the HTML structure of the wordpress theme from its source file and use the same styelsheets with some customization to make it work in blogger.

    You can't convert it, it won't work. It will gibe errors

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