#MissEtmissout: Get 4,000Naira With Just 200Naira On Etisalat

What are you still waiting for? Etisalat is back again with exclusive and tremendous offer to splash out the shock and startle their users with amazement who have not been using their network for the past 30 days. Its hightime you looked for your Etisalat SIM or better still, borrow to activate this offer while you still can. Amazingly, on Etisalat Facebook official page, was this most wanted offer announced, saying;

“9ja! If you have not used your Etisalat SIM in over 30 days. Simply insert it back in your phone, recharge N200 Airtime and get N4000 Bonus instantly.”

Some days ago, was Ramadan offer announced which gives 1GB with just 200naira followed by free 200MB offer and here comes offer that gives users who have dumped their Etisalat SIM for over 30 days. Wait, what are other networks still waiting for?

This has bring to my notice that Etisalat are trying to bring all other customers from other networks to theirself particularly, by using this method of sudden amazing offer that’s to spark the mind of everyone. What a great business strategy.

The promo is tagged #MissEtmissout and it gives customers 4,000naira bonus at the recharge of 200naira only. It’s cheap and affordable and can be used in different ways; surfing and calling are the perfect way to burn the bonus.

How The Offer or Promo Works

It’s works in a way that will encourage customers or consumers sticks to the network. You recharge 200naira to get 4,000naira worth of extra bonus airtime and the 4,000naira is divided into data + call which means you will be given 3,000naira for data and 1,000naira to make calls to all networks of your choice (MTN, Glo, Airtel, Etisalat…..).

After exhaustion, recharge of 100naira next or second month will give you N2,000 bundle (N500 airtime + N1.5k data). I hope you have seen how the offer works miraculously on all dormant Etisalat sim? Your Etisalat SIM must be dormant for complete or over 30 days in order to enjoy the offer.

How To Get Eligible For Activation Of This Promo

Your Etisalat sim must be dormant or dumped for complete or over 30  days in order to be eligible for this offer. I hope you know what I meant by “dormant”? Your sim must not be used for calls, messages or chat within 30 days to 180 days. The offer is a one-time promo, you can only activate it once and for all.

How To Activate This Offer Or Promo

Just load the 200naira recharge card on your dormant Etisalat SIM and whoah! The 4,000naira will be credited to your account balance as fast as possible. You can then check your account balance by dialling *232# as the normal way of checking credit balance.

This offer is wonderfully designed for everyone but following the prerequisites might be a deal breaker for some people and my own suggestion, is for you to borrow any of your friend dormant sim and activate while the promo or offer still last.

Any further questions should be dropped in the comment box below for faster response and answers.

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  1. Reply

    I hope they will not use one hand to give us and use the other to take it back cos their call rate and data are way too expensive

  2. Reply

    is truly a miraculous bonus but der deduction is d main issue nc update

  3. Their rate aren't expensive for this offer..

  4. Reply

    admin I can remember perfectly well that Airtel once announced something like this; this year. is it still working?

  5. Reply

    Wow…this is great 200naira for 4k bonus…
    Etisalat user be like where did i dump dis sim

  6. Reply

    dey should av made d offer for everyone,those of us who are still using their Sim ,will feel jealous, well I guess we too we've had ours(Ramadan offer,200mb)

  7. Reply

    This eti people are all deceiving some people I read from yomiprof comment section about this eti free stuff none those guys that make a positive comment about this free eti stuff that's why I didn't border about trying it.

  8. Reply

    can some one pls tell me wea I dump my E-sim bcoz dis is wow

  9. Reply

    OMGGGGGGGG THIS IS NOT AWOOF IT'S CALLED AWUFUFU thanks Etisalat…u are awesome

  10. Reply

    I wish I am using Etisalat. This is a mind blowing freebies I swear. They are trying ooo in this month of Ramadan. Other network providers should join too… It doesn't cost them anything

  11. Reply

    This is great from etisalat, i know airtel has done their own wit 20X which am using currently but other network like MTN and GLO what are they waiting for???

  12. Reply

    This comment has been removed by the author.

  13. Reply

    They should just give the 4k like normal credit

  14. Reply

    it's nice
    ETISALAT is trying to bring back their lost customers

    good job

    • Anonymous
    • June 22, 2017

    I recharged but i didnt see any 4000. I've not used my sim for as long as i can remember. Well, if it still doesnt work, it will be dumping things…

  15. They will surely give you the bonus, if only your sim is dormant for complete or over 30Days

    • Anonymous
    • June 24, 2017

    I did this etisalat #200 recharge on two sims, but I didn't receive any bonus.

  16. You mean over 30 days dormant sim? If is a dormant sim, it will work.

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