MTN Increases “Share n Sell” Transfer Fee, Checkout!

MTN had successfully updated their service once again and I noticed changes in their “Share n Sell” transfer fee. Share ‘n’ Fee is a service that allows customers to send their credit from their main account to families and friends with an applicable fee.

Now, the method has changed without giving prior notice. So, as from June 6 2017, Share ‘n’ Sell transactions will attract a nominal transfer fee, the applicable transfer fee depends on the value of the transaction. Customers will be notified about the exact fee to be deducted anytime a Share N Sell transaction is initiated. The transfer fee will be deducted only when a confirmation or acceptance to continue is received from the customer.

New method

  • From 1-100naira transfer will cost 3₦
  • From 101-500naira transfer will cost 5₦
  • From 501-1000naira transfer will cost 10₦
  • From 1001-5000naira transfer will cost 10₦

    This changes will take effect in June 6, 2017. Transfer made easy and simple.

    What do you have to say about MTN Share ‘n’ Sell new charges?


    1. Ah ah but I have been paying since for using the share N sell service I don't really know why they bring the notice now it should have come since before they started it this is just a late notice to me.though nice post from you Precious thanks

    2. it's been long I heard about it. but I don't think it was up to three naira before. they Just increased it again. they increased their whatsapp monthly from 60naira to 150naira -but they didn't increase the megabyte. they should take their time o

    3. But why are they doing this? I don't think it is a good idea. Just imagine ,, they upgraded whatsapp price too. I wknder what glo is planning for Nigerians

    4. Since the situation of the country is out of hand , people will be doing what they like. I wonder the type of person that rose the idea. Dont they know that things are not going smooth ni nawao

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