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MTN Loses 714,000 Internet Subscribers, Checkout!

It’s so very bad! Nigeria’s telecommunication networks lost 1,275,573 internet subscriber in February, with MTN losing the highest subscribers of 714,700 users.

The Nigeria Communication Commission, NCC revealed its internet subscribers for the month of February. The publication shows that internet users on GSM and CDMA networks dropped from 91,304,755 in January to 90,029,182 in February. Not only that, it also shows that 90,029,182 which was dropped in February, 89,998,873 were on GSM network and 30,309 were on CDMA network.

Meanwhile, the GSM network losts 1,275,573 internet subscribers as they recorded 89,998,873 users in February as against 91,274,446 that were recorded in January.

So now, let’s come for the main networks in Nigeria. MTN lose 714,700 internet users in February as they recorded  31,015,405  in january.

Glo lose 143,787 Internet subscribers from 27,076,272 Internet users in January and now had 26,932,485 internet subscribers in February. Airtel lose 149,801 internet subscribers from 19,618,485 in January and now had 19,468,684 in February.

Etisalat had a decrease of 267,285 users from 13,564,284 customers in January and now 13,296,999 internet subscribers in February.

I hope you can see that MTN losed a lot of customers in the month of February? So what do you have to say about this?


  1. Ouch! Really painful. What could have been the cause?

  2. it might be because of the xenophobic attacks @ SA

  3. Anonymous

    @Abdulrahman&Badmus why won't them loose customers when glo network is selling 3.2gig data for 1k if you dial *777# to buy and you think say ah go finish see glo own con dey sub henteehen ne..? Abeg make them parkwell e remain etisalat and airtel.

  4. This should make them improve

  5. hmmm that's true

  6. upon all these loss of customers,mtn hardly learns their lesson

  7. This should make them improve

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