MTN Planning To Acquire DSTV And GOTV

The South Africa telecommunications company, MTN is said to be having discussions with Multi-choice Africa, concerning the sale of the Multi-choice company. Meanwhile, the parent company of MultiChoice Africa is the franchise owner of DSTV and GOTV.

Although, selling Multi-choice company won’t affect the South African division of the TV network but however, the plan have not been made public.

See the statement below;

“A sale is one of a number of options being considered by Africa’s biggest company by market value, and a final decision hasn’t been reached. Naspers and MTN Group have briefly discussed a deal for MultiChoice Africa, but no agreement was reached”.

MTN and Naspers confirmed on Thursday that they are still in talks about sharing TV content, video-on-demand services on smartphones.

Do you think is good for Multi-choice to be sold to MTN?

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  1. Reply

    is der choice if dey can manage it thanks for the update

  2. Reply

    Chai! MTN is taking everything out

    Commenting From
    Naijatechviral-Home Of Tech

  3. Reply

    na dere problem b DAT,as long as dey do not impose outrageous fees on Nigerians

  4. Reply

    na dere problem b DAT,as long as dey do not impose outrageous fees on Nigerians

  5. Reply

    they better keep it to themselves if it will impose unacceptable fees on Nigerians

  6. Reply

    It,s there choice as far as it doesn't impose unreasonable fee on Nigerians

  7. Reply

    nice update ..we don't want unreasonable fee, we can consider it if the fee is low

  8. Reply

    If that was better for them. All we need is good service.

  9. Reply

    Watin concern Me.. ..

  10. Reply

    They should keep it jor

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